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The New World


I kept the hopes all, in my soul,

and their hearts beat I recruited

in the submission of my spirit.

History’s root alive me

and the continuation of the human race

that I fell madly in love with life,

I entered the fight and fought.

For the good of the Manhood I have suffered,

for the soul the indestructible continuity,

for the mind the eternal evolution,

I was in pain as if I saw all the ruins around me.

I rose through the ashes,

with faith and strength I was armed

and I set out for new conquests,

to resurrect what was left dead,

to give back the first form

in Life, in Man, in Hope.

At the light of Dawn, the beginning is born

for a new, better world,

full of harmony and consensus.





I want to write a ballad and say

for my loves, my bitterness, my dreams,

to unfold what I feel in my heart,

what I suffered and what I love.



On this night when my soul is tormented,

that my shield is tormented by lightning,

and with all his passion I accept thunder,

and a hope is no longer with me…


How to endure a world that beats me,

which enslaves both my mind and soul,

which deprives me and kills my life

and from the cliff into the abyss brings me…



Without Knowing


The moments pass, the times pass…

What does life offer us, what does it offer us?

Times leave us alone.

Who knows day by day what it will bring…


The book of our lives opens

and closes with full pages.

Violence, hatred, evil, injustice

and all the evils that exist and you did not see…

Life goes on and you do not mind,

because you have been judged to suffer.

And they beat you until one day you die

for a reason you did not learn… you do not know…




Killed Dreams


How they killed my dreams one day,

how they drowned my thoughts in blood!

I told the truth and they only lied

and received my unfortunate heart.


Handcuffs went through my mind,

they crippled my every vision

and watered the blood in my heart

as they demanded my loss.


Now in this wilderness where life dies

and my dream fades away,

I feel the soul leave alone, bitter,

I have nothing else to look forward to…




DINOS KOUBATIS was born in Athens and studied French Philology and Theatre. He deals with Theater, Journalism, Writing and Poetry. Honored with international and Greek Awards for his work in the various fields he serves. Among them, the Ionesco International Award for all his directing work in the Theater, the French Academy of Letters Award, the Delphic Amphitheater Gold Medal, the Unesco Gold Medal, the Universal Academy Award, , International Society of Greek Writers, "University Group of Theological and Philological Researches, Panhellenic Conference of Religious Poetry, Panhellenic Union of Writers, Association of Scientists and Philologists of Athens, Center for Modern Greek Writers and Writers" Neas Smyrnis, Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens, Awards from Unesco Cub For Culture Of Peace, Republic of Kosovo-Directorate for Culture, Pjeter Bogdani, Azem Shkreli, Ditet e Naimit, Nate Korcare, International Acting Art, Varta Labe, Arti-Ulqin Library, Theater Festival «Aux Quatre Sai sons ", Direction Award of the Panhellenic Society of Greek Writers, First prizes for theatrical performance from" Festival aux quatre saisons "," Theatrical Performances "," Cultural Cell of Salamis ", and many more.


Theatre: He has directed and acted outside the Greek Theater in France, Belgium, Albania and Canada. He has founded the "experimental dino koumbati stage", the Experimental Theater Center, the Ionian Theater Organization, the "Small Theater of Nicaea", the Koulouris Theater and the Theater Workshop, as well as the International Inter-Balkan Theater Festival.


Cinema: In Greek films, in France and Belgium, where he won the Award for Best Foreign Actor for his performance in "The Unborn Years".


Television: With his own shows on the channels "YENED", "Seven X", "Magic TV", "Tele-ASTY" and "Extra 3", while he also starred in the television "Theater of Monday" (ERT).


Radio: You collaborated with the radio stations ERT 2, YENED, "Xenios", "Diavlos 10", "Radio Pente", and founded the radio station "I Foni tis Salamina".


Newspapers: Collaborated from time to time with the newspapers: "Vradyni", "Imera", "Niki", "Apogevmatini", "ALPHA!", "Espresso", "Piraeus Press", "Piraeus State", "Mediterranean", "Patris "," Salamis "," Athenian Districts "" Gazeta Plus Athine ", etc. and published the newspapers "The Voice of Salamis", "Greek-Albanian Letters", "Literary Voice", and the magazines "Theatrical Thymeli", "Almanac", "Quarius", and "Psycho".


Magazines: "Ellinida", "Domino", "Artistic Chronicles", "Cypriot Martyrdom", "Kelaino", "Euphoria", "Art", "Philological New Year", "New Thought", "Panos Street" "Aeolian Letters" , "Ivikos", "Ellinorama", "Umbrella", "Literary Review", "Pandora's Box", "Spiritual Cyprus", "Bright Line", "Le Figaro Litteraire", "Nacional", "ILLZ", " Expression "," Day of Naimit ", etc.


Author: Thirty of his books, essays, historical novels, biographies, poetry, studies, etc. have been published, both in Greece and abroad by publishing houses such as "Psychogios", "Libanis", "Skaravaios", "Dioskouri", "Leto", "Ianthos", "Distillery", "Edilivre", "Tree editions", "Heliodor", "TOENA", "Hellenic Roots Publications", "Dukafer", "Gjon Nikolle Kazazi", "BotimetBarleti", and others.


His books: "The psychology of the role of a key factor in the interpretation of the play", "In the flames of Smyrna", "My beloved Ayvalik", "For a better theater", "The children's theater in Greece", "The death of the city" "," Ode to Peace "," At the Boundaries of Hours "," Love and Life "," The last days of the city "," Faute d'Amour "," Ali Podrimja, in momoriam "," Iliana, the "Our life ends in tanks", "Letter to a new director", "Traveling, Albania", "How children sing", "In Piraeus", "She was born poor and lived like a princess", "The last of the Atreides", Giannis Koutsocheras, the poet of sensitivity "," The ignored prophet Angelos Sikelianos "," The Wooden Walls "," The erotic Cavafy "," Flowers bloom in the snow "," When I was different ", etc.


Awards: Honorary Professor of Byzantine Studies at the University of Valencia, Honorary Member of the Kiev Academy of Sciences, Honorary Member of the Felguera Academy of Portugal, Honorary Member of the International Spiritual Association "Pegasi", Honorary Member of the etc. In 2016 he was nominated for the State Prize for Literature.


Member: Society of Greek Writers, Society of Greek Playwrights, Philological Association "Parnassos", Union of Writers, National Society of Writers of Cyprus, Intellectual Group "Xasteron", Azos International, Critics Association etc.


Works by Dinos Koubatis have been translated all over the world and especially in: France, America, Albania, Kosovo, Australia, Montenegro, England, India, Ukraine, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Poland. Finland, Azerbaijan, Romania, etc.


In Universities: The works of "Iliana, our life ends in tanks", and "For a drop of sun", have been the subject of diploma dissertations at the Universities of Tirana and Warsaw, at the Chair of Modern Greek Studies.


Honorary events for Dinos Koubatis have been held from time to time in Paris, Washington, Brussels, Toronto, Tirana, Agioi Saranda, Argyrokastro, and in Greece by "Society of Greek Writers", "United Writers' Path", "Cyprus House" Publications Megas Sirios, Servants Group, Municipality of Salamina, Vyronos Higher Education Alumni Association, Delphic Amfiktionies, "Ίanthos" Publications, "Kelaino" Literary Magazine, "Salamina Cultural Cell", Xilogon Athletic Association


Complementary: He has directed 90 plays and has starred in 39 plays. Twenty-five of his plays have been presented in the Theater, television and radio. 37 of his books have been published. He has taught French language and theatrical studies in 7 Drama Schools. He has participated in international conferences, seminars, theater festivals and events in many countries around the world. He has translated literature, poetry and theater from French and English, has prefaced many publications of Greek and foreign authors. He has chaired many juries of Literature and Theatre, conferences and workshops in Greece and abroad.

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