Monday, November 1, 2021





A New Thought


Will I reach my destination

as the Milky Way remains

silent? There is little money

in my pocket and I am lost.

I try to sew a button and prick

a finger or two. I see a spark

in the sky and an antenna

goes off in my head. A new

thought comes to me. Should

I go back into the womb of

life and never come outside?



She Sleeps in White


She sleeps in white,

never to walk the nervous

streets. Her gold watch

will never awaken her

again. Like a ghost she will

dance, like a ghost she

will sing under moonlight

and stars. She will never

risk her heart on a lost

cause. In silent dreams

and silent thoughts she

will live. She will never

get up to go to work.

She will walk by the lake

and slip into darkness.

She will sleep and sleep.



Rains Over Pains


I welcome the rains over pains.

This heart cannot take anymore.

Things get too complicated.

Some days I do not wish to exist.


There are days without pains

and days without rains. If I choose

the days without one of them,

I would love the rains over pains.


I wish to exist as the rains wash

over my sadness and if it ever

leaves for good I suppose it is

the rains that I would thank.



Dead Souls


Dead to the sunlight,

dead to the moonlight,

not even sleeping,

you isolate yourself

being, becoming useless.


Sitting in your car

for more than a long

time. I see you there

averse to fresh air.

But that is what you do.

The tires need air too.

At day and night you

are clinging to life.


Dead souls are sad

to see, like the same

movie playing nonstop.

I see them all the time

living in hell in real life.




LUIS CUAUHTÉMOC BERRIOZÁBAL: Born in Mexico, Luis lives in California and works in Los Angeles. His poetry has appeared in Blue Collar Review, Kendra Steiner Editions, Mad Swirl, Unlikely Stories, and Venus in Scorpio Poetry E-Zine. His latest poetry book, Make the Water Laugh, was published by Rogue Wolf Press.

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