Monday, November 1, 2021







My friend

You are my favorite enemy

Everyone else compared to you

They are just a pale shadow

They cannot compete

With your smile

Which precisely cuts my heart

And why should we mention

That word pseudo friendship

Let's not fool ourselves

We will never be friends

Friends don't do that

To one another

Well, if we´re not friends

What then are the two of us

And who needs an enemy

While we have such friends



Love wall


”That´s where I kissed her the most

It stood like a monument

Anthem on the Upper Town wall


Let everyone see that love

So beautiful and strong

And let everyone know

That it will last forever


Until the rain washed it away

The words were blown by the wind

And someone removed the dedication





How much time does it really take

To get over someone

To forget to love him

To immerse your heart in solace

And to keep living again?


There is no time on earth

Which can eliminate love

And to erase her traces

If we are connected as one


But if one parting

It counts in some days

To separate inseparably

Is it love then?

Or just another lie?




JASMINA SFILIGOJ was born on August 9, 1963 in Zagreb, Croatia. Her love for poetry began to develop in elementary school, in the literary group, when the first poems were written. After a long break, she continued to write in 2018, and so far her poems have been published in thirty-five international poetry collections and several literary magazines. She has received numerous certificates and accolades for her work. The first independent collection of her poems have planned to be published. Her writing continues in the various signifying online platforms and web portals.

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