Monday, November 1, 2021






Trees Weep

When They Sink Into Oblivion



gardens will stop bearing flowers

trees will wither

birds will not find a shelter

because a man will forget how to live

in harmony with nature


poets eulogists of nature

they fight for survival with words

they want to instill wisdom in the soul

of people without imagination


unfortunately, a ruthless decision-maker

whose greed takes his mind

kills and takes the oxygen of life


Ove Ending In The Abyss Of Water


he gave her a silver ring

before the tide took him away for ever

now it lies in the old jewel case from grandma


memories came back

whenever she went to the sea

she kept looking for some sign in the abyss of waves

she wanted to feel the touch and taste of lips


waves flooded her feet

she didn't feel the cold

another lonely tear

ran down her cheek




It lured with bird trills

from morning to evening

it gave shelter to the tired wanderers

it hugged lovers


struck by lightning


it grew into the landscape


the evening dew has sat down

on dry branches

it wept over the dying tree


it lapsed into lethargy every evening

dreaming of the past 




ALINA ANNA KUBERSKA, a poet from Łódź, is the author of six volumes of verse, two novels and various stories. Her poetry forms part of several dozen collections of poems and numerous almanacs. She has presented her works not only in Poland, but also abroad. For five years she owned an international poetry website. Currently, she is the vice president of Association of Polish Authors (SAP) in Warsaw.

Translation – Ewa Kuberska



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