Monday, November 1, 2021






I am hanging on a rope

Ready to be shot.

There is no mercy

Only dust remains.

Wiped out from the earth

I weep to heaven.

A wail from the chest

Echoes to God.

He dresses my soul

With soft, warm bands.

Although cast from the paradise,

I’m his she-beloved.

Ah, if you only knew

After all this, I will be

More like Him.




“It’s a privilege to have your voice in my life,

My responsibility is not to lose it”.

These words are now bombs that fall,

breaking the heart and leaving an abyss.


Padlock on the gates broken,

The doors opened wide,

A soul crippled,

Ran away

 It got away from you

when you aspired for higher goals,

when power and glory you wanted

an emotional gorgon you have become.


Now, as a real miscreation,

you dropped bombs on her,

although you claimed to love her

so easily you judged her.


But you forget, my dear,

that you opened the gates of your own Hades

when you discovered and freed her

because you realized where you had been.


That discovery, where you are now

and where you will never be again

as a curse let touch your neck

to realize how futile it was that you buried yourself. 




If you hug me

So that I feel in myself

All the softness of belonging

The same kindness,

without posing,


empty promises

and needless flattery.

                   I will know.

I will belong.

I will not run away.

                   I will open.

I will stay.

If you do not give me to yourself

To keep me for myself, in yourself,

And catch a thought in the soul avalanche

To fertilize it with space, depth,

So that it multiplies in uniqueness

And becomes my air

To love the echo of my name

And not feel the loathing over the words.


I will love.

I will kiss.

I will think.

I will write

I will be.



DENISA KONDIC is a Serbian translator, writer, poet, and reviewer. She graduated from University of Novi Sad, Serbia. She has been an in-house translator for over 20 years and has  translated different materials like books, brochures, magazines, web materials, etc. From 2015, she published two books of poetry - 2015 Barefoot Dreams  (Serbian&English&Romany(Gypsi), and 2019 Rocklslide of Memories (Serbian&English).Her articles and stories have been published in a number of English and Serbian magazines and TV portals. She has also participated in many international poetry festivals and has been included in many poetry collections with other authors. She is a member of the coordinator’s committee of an international organization for the protection of children’s rights UWMC and has been involved in a number of festivals that promote children's education of deprived minorities like the Romany (Gypsy) population. She has organized a number of children's poetry festivals with literary workshops. As the director of the Cultural&Educational Centre Charlie, she is a passionate advocate of children's rights for education.


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