Monday, November 1, 2021





Poet In Hot Field


Frightened and in fear

that the world is rushing in terrible darkness,

He walked through a beautiful field.

With a prayer to make us better.


And he came across a hot field

to the sunflower that adorns it,

ah, strong rays get the will

It was illuminated by floral hair.


The poet thinks he deserved it

To the beauty of / such ore.

Sunflower tells him:

  Let people read the song!

Copyright©Тања Прокопљевић



Looking For A Humanity


If you look for a humanity in one cherry

it will be in its currency

and the thought of a varnish smiling,

that makes everyone happy, provides whites.


If you look for a humanity in a dog

you will find it in its fidelity and hart important,

and in that a fight for justice

and chivalry, especially strong.


If you look for a humanity in a crust of bread

you will find it in a sigh in half a century

and in that scent of hope that melts

with a hand that gives and waits.


If you look for a humanity in one horse

you will find it in that mane

and a strong body that does not lеаve

to show you all the modesty of the world.


Only if you look for a humanity in a man

it's not known if it is there at all,

whether it is somewhere far away

from himself, hidden maybe now for all.

Copyright©Тања Прокопљевић



I'm Waking Up


I will crucify myself for a million debts

who paint themselves with bright colors,

let sorrow go into oblivion.

Let this heart of mine beat freely.


I will crucify myself in cold water

which in a beautiful stream is in the woods alone,

let happiness be born in me

from that beautiful water that casts spells.


I will fall apart in the blue sky

which never, never gives rains,

let me be a star that radiates glory,

let the warmth of blue breathe in me.


I will crucify myself on the green canopy

which creates a sweet home for the old trunk,

let me play playful in a green costume,

just to make my heart beat in nice bloom.

Copyright©Тања Прокопљевић


Translation By Tanja Prokopljević




TANJA PROKOPLJEVIĆ was born on August 22. 1971. She acquired primary and secondary education in her hometown, and higher education in tourism in New Belgrade. She studied English in America. After returning from America (1995), she was successful in journalism until 2001. Then she started publishing. She worked as a director and editor in the publishing company "Estart", but also for other publishing houses. She published her first book, a collection of newspaper articles, in 2002. She is the author of eleven collections of poems, essays on movements in contemporary art, two novels and novels of documentary prose, and concluding with this year 2021, books of stories and collections of literary criticism.


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