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I'm Flying To The Leafy Star

In Your Heart!


You're expecting me to dream the same dream

you span my illusion, all of a sudden

Living in my heart wreathed

and you smell the silence of the promised one.


Deeply your pain flashed us vividly

Live kiss in the spirit at once

Butterflies in my stolen heart

when the plague flame deflated.


I'm waiting for you to fly the same longing

I've spun thousands of illusions at once

Hope's the preyed heart

Let’s breathe the peace of the flying one.


Deeply my illusion unflushed us

the leafless star, suddenly

We fly in the broken heart

when the flame love vibrated us.


What ephemeral is our life around here!

Leafless stars from the heart!

we give and take the Divine light!

Harmoniously the moments you spend!


And then he froze by helplessness,

and in the soul only snowflakes

flight to your leafless star

without my knowing, without our knowing.



I'm Flying To My Soul's Heart

In My Leafless Star!


I would have touched your destiny; squeezed from the fog, from the stars, bright lighted,

which smiles through an steamy age, new empires with unexpected desires

I would have touched your dew destiny with the wind in us alive unleashed

Submissive as the groaning sea by the waves longing, ebbed and relighted

Soul, you kiss my sorrows of the song

Your alive kiss, snoring of old-time

Is looking for me in golden dreams that make me sick

Dances on the happiness moony wind.


Awakening vividly spiral memories in the stream

It smoothly melts the ice of my numb heart

Lively vibrates the flower of budded life

Alive are budding the deaf thrills in us

from infinity, the bridges leading to the loves unplaited of desires

hidden and open to the fate, the battles lost through waves of distance

found and scattered by the surges of intelligence, but not by oblivion,

drawing new bridges to the leafless stars, living spheres, hot.


The sun rays are flowing towards us and from us, conscious fractal

of light and sounds, give birth from unified field to matrices with living art

the matter, the conscious agent in bright love, alive carries us

to unseen shores of plasma clouds, endless fog wave

In our sky the kiss rises alive again

The roar of chaining golden in the flame

Under love’s ember, there's no straw fire

It creeps into our soul immortality as a gift.



The heart soul kiss is my only one thirst

The muse’s thrill hidden in the longing pierced

The soul kiss heart thirst is enough!

Your heart to feel beating, I’m craving!

They flow and bring us back to gardens locked in the destiny of happiness

And by tears demanded in loan from Heaven, are broken healing

Flow the sun rays, infinite live Flow from plasma springs

And they caress us dark faces of longing, worries and unfulfillment.



Signs Make Me Fly To The Leafy Stars


Signs make me by flight to the leafless stars

The king of world of totalitarian dream hatches to you an infernal dream world

in the flight of this new normality that they slowly dictate in painstaking dreams

to fight against it is impossible to dream, in flight demonstrations

of peaceful Sanzienes, with flash mobs, with rock music, in ovations.


Sic volo sic jubeo in the eyes of infinity? when having your heart broken in the fog

of the overcome plague as an eternal spring in dreams that give you life!

The suns of other galaxies to warm us flying on the leafy torch,

waltz like selfish fireflies in their own glows that rekindle fates.


I feel like I'm in an endless dream of a flight of fogs

with roses coming up in a full moon, ascended to the sky on the price scale

I feel tortured by an executioner by infinite needles full of venom

sent by Mars, by Zeus, by Jupiter, by a sneak flight into Self.


You can't be linked to my soul like a seal of not flying your dream,

I feel through waves of dreams over the despair’s I'm and also over the baby of

Despair and I feel how the rainbows sip from your dream ocean,

insatiably, you are my great dreaming, I drown in your unwritten poems.


You will find out that the world you call rebellious, it is self-harnessed,

in a true dictatorship, willingly cooperates, with rage, comes,

in reality, to it, the odyssey could surprise the one little minded.

The leafless star will be amazed by the happy stupidity, wordlessly


Signs make me in flight to the leafless star, His Majesty the Stupidity,

the nation dictatorship is the malevolent mother thundering, His Greatness the Greed,

is the second, the third is only the tyrannical Queen, flashing us, the Ambition

Do I exaggerate? flies a fourth one, the wicked one’s Pleasure of Torture, the Slavery.




ROMANESCU SALOMEEA holds a PhD in the History of International Relations and European Integration - European Integration of Central and Eastern European Countries and Postgraduate European Studies - Center International pour la Formation Europeenne - International Center for European Training (CIFE), Nice, France and Department of Political Science and European Affairs, University of Cologne, Germany. He has a European Master in Human Rights and Democratization - Human Rights and the Democratization Process. University of Padua. He is interested in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding for Representatives of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples, UNITER Geneva, - UN, Landegg Academy, Switzerland, Studied 24 foreign languages including Sanskrit and Hindi - through studies at the National Institute of Languages and Oriental Civilizations, France,University of Bucharest.She is interested in creating a new integrative theory of knowledge that brings together the natural, social, applied sciences, worldview and ethics that will lead to the creation of an international system that will create peace through literary work dedicated to the theory of everything but also through thesis of Postgraduate Academic Studies in International Relations and European Integration, National School of Political and Administrative Studies, Bucharest and studies of spirituality and quantum medicine, in the training of the leaders of the world spiritual-informational elite, cosmomanism, cosmology, history of religions. His theory is applied in his poetic work but also in his profession of Business Advisor, Coordinator Training Cycle and training of trainers in the field of management of structural instruments and European affairs, Ministry of Public Finance, Ministry of European Integration. He was a School inspector, Ministry of National Education.She has published Poems for children - Poems for children, philosophical poetry in numerous Anthologies with philosophical poetry awarded first place nationally and internationally. The poem of the healing of humanity encrypts the Theory of Everything capable of secreting a peaceful, integrated societal model of earthly soul happiness.


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