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Coping With Covid


Call it a prowler or an intruder,

Or an enemy or a predator

CORONA has come to live with us;

Affect our lives for long for ever.


Pandemics came in, pandemics went away

Darkness came in, darkness went away

Life in the earth did never stop

It ran sometimes faster and sometimes slower.


We have to adapt, we have to change

Our style of living, to put a challenge

To the deadly virus, with stronger weapons-

Yoga, social distance, mask and sanitizer.


We have now learnt how to go online

Visit through the world, within the confine

When we are away from our nears and dears

It is now crucial to mentally come closer.


COVID started the war, we’ll bring an end

With all positivity, we have to defend

We have sacrificed lives; can afford no more

Humanity has to win and get victory all over.



A Teacher


The room was dark, I alone

Eyes closed, gleaming bright

My teacher appeared suddenly and said,

“So you have become a teacher, right!”


“Yes Sir”, I said,

“I became a teacher

It’s my profession

It’s my livelihood.

I am a teacher

My students call me “Sir”

And I teach period after period.


I am a teacher

I make my lesson plan

And make my students ask.

I am a teacher

I answer all their questions

And make them complete their task.


My teacher smiled and said,

“My child, how many teachers did teach you?

And how many you remember?

Didn’t all these each of them do?


Think how many students

Will remember you and for what?

How many are inspired by you?

And how many think you’re great?


You are a teacher, if your

Heart pains for students pain;

You cry when they cry

And smile when smile they again.


If there is a bond between

You and they

This very tight and ionic

You give and give and give and take they.


Do they come to you without fear

And share their problems?

Do they follow you, your character, deed,

And try to inculcate them?


If you inspire and get satisfaction

Preparing them for the future,

Instill humanity, charity and brotherhood;

And my child the list not so small,

And neither it’s easy to become a teacher.





You write for your motherland

It’s for names sake they’d say

You speak for your motherland

No attention ever they’d pay.


You think for the country

Oh! On the ruins, they’d alarm.

You work for the country

Just a show it is! They’d blame.


How could they tolerate

Someone blocking their way?

‘Patriot’ they’ve branded themselves

‘Power’ they’ve learnt to enjoy.

© Prasanta Kumar Mahapatra




PRASANTA KUMAR MAHAPATRA is a poet, essayist, columnist and blogger. A teacher by profession, he has 20 years of experience in teaching mathematics at Secondary level in a reputed institution under Govt. of India. Being the author of two books and more than 300 literary and educational articles and poems, he is widely read in India and abroad. He is an active member of Our Poetry Archive, How to Write For Success, Association of World Writers, and many other international and regional organizations. He has won many international accolades including award from HTWFS, Trinidad and Tobago, Poet of the month from Storymirror and Teachers’ Incentive Award from Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan under Govt. of India etc.


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