Monday, November 1, 2021





I'm Sure...


I am confident that my poetry will conquer the whole world

Because she is very humane.

There is no topic more important than humanism,

For humanism is the main theme of poetry.

Which covers all spheres of the Universe,

Fulfills the ideas of the Almighty in life.

Poets are God's earthly apostles,

How wonderful and light it is to serve in this area.

Although it's not a rewarding job,

Free, unnoticed.

Sometimes, for someone boring, annoying,

But it is the support, the pivot of earthly existence.

Sometimes people think that materialism is higher,

Material benefits are of interest to everyone.

How wrong they are: without spiritual food,

A person can turn into a beast of prey.

Although we are not noticed by the people around us,

We are always noticed by the Creator.

He keeps in touch with us all the time,

He never forgets about us!



It's Hard To Be A Stone


It's hard to be a stone

Lie in one place for years.

Eh, how much patience you need to have,

To keep it simple. a stone lying on the road.

On which everyone has the right to step.

Lie where fate will determine him.

And even under water, at the bottom of a ditch, river, lake, sea, ocean.

And be silent for centuries.

There are so many stones in the world

White, black, yellow, red, blue,

green, brown, orange, phylotel.

With multi-colored patterns on the body.

Stones are precious:

diamonds, rubies, samfirs, amber,

diamonds, alexandrites, topaz

They live like rich and poor people.

The poor live in the open

The rich are in luxury, in boxes, on the arms and and necks of rich ladies.

After all, stones are also living beings,

They just live in silence, without movement.

The turtles are a little jealous of them,

their patience, calmness, silence.

Stones are symbols of patience

They exist to teach us,

Be patient in the world.

Or they will test us for the degree of greed.

Perhaps this is their main mission.



After The Pandemic


The world has grown significantly old

After the pandemic.

Apparently, God decided this:

Rather old the world

accelerated the course of life on Earth.

Today are not the same people of yesterday.

Children became young men, young men young people,

young adults, adults’ elderly.

Hair and eyebrows turned gray.

Even the artists seem faded.

Where is the old optimism and enthusiasm?

Schoolchildren study so-so.

And students don't study well.

And the athletes perform sluggishly.

Wrong verses are being written.

The wrong songs are sung.

Trees do not grow well?

Flowers don't bloom like that?

As if everyone is in a hurry: to live as soon as possible.

As if our life was replaced.

Maybe the earth began to spin not so?

I cannot recognize myself.

Am I or not me?

What is it?

Global warming is felt throughout the planet.

What is God planning?

Why are there such dramatic changes in the world?

What is the reason for this?

What does God want?

Time will show.



Coffee Grounds


What a person does not guess on:

On maps, on stones, on stars, in a photo.

Sometimes even on the coffee grounds.

And all this is due to the fact that he does not just live in this world.

And understand the vicissitudes of fate

Who plays cat and mouse with a man.

What a person does not guess on,

On maps, on stones, on stars, in a photo.

Sometimes even on the coffee grounds.

To understand why he lives

And where does he go

What for? Does it do the right thing.

Because the life of any person is a SECRET!

Today he is a beggar, tomorrow he is a king.

Today he is a king and tomorrow a beggar.

Lives trying to get out of the maze.

With the help of maps, stones, stars, horoscope photos,

And, of course, coffee grounds!



Is It Possible To?


Is it possible to stop the water

When does she want to flow?

How can the flame be extinguished

When does it want to burn?

How can you stop the rain?

When does he want to pour?

How can you stop the snow

When does he want to go?

Is it possible to stop the wind

When does he want to blow?

Is it possible to stop the singer

When does he want to sing?

Is it possible to stop a poet

When does he want to write?





A pandemic is everywhere - the coronavirus is walking

Forests are burning everywhere

Floods are everywhere.

The man has not yet come to his senses.

Fear is everywhere, disease

Death walks everywhere.

Anxiety, horror everywhere,

The man has not yet come to his senses.

At the same time, a person

Calls himself the smartest creature on Earth.

I bf called it the stupidest creation of God

Who loves war and death more.

It burns, explodes everywhere,

Kills everywhere.

Maybe the devil is not the devil

What about a stupid person?



Reminder To People


People, don't forget!

This Earth was created to

people, animals, beasts lived on it,

birds, insects, trees, flowers, herbs.

And not to

they fought on it: they killed each other,

spilled blood!



People, Don't Go Crazy


People, don't go crazy:

Stop killing each other.

People stop going crazy

Stop fighting each other.

Look: how beautiful the world is

How beautiful life is!

How good it is to live on Earth!

Cherish the world you have.



If I Write A Poem ...


When I write a poem, people who read it,

When they get up in amazement.

Excitement for a unique word, excitement,

If they suddenly rise like the sea.

When I write a poem, the muscles that listen to it,

If the ants die, it's in the mold.

When they wake up, they have hidden feelings,

If the bee is scattered like a swarm.

When I write a poem, hearts from it,

Scattered like a transparent fountain.

When I write a poem, hearts from it,

If the example of white flowers opens.

When I write a poem, I hear it,

This is the world if he gets up.

So, I call myself a poet.

And then the dream turns to my right.



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