Monday, November 1, 2021






my blackened thoughts

giving up dead flowers

The trees with their leafy branches

Are you hearing the sad song of the winds

the birds just want to swim

In flying silence,

Landing on the poet's fingers.


someone closes their ears

And the other one opens the mouth

a thousand words, a thousand bullets

a thousand hurt laughs

a thousand sad drawings

hit us


a thousand tears flow

from the sweet memories

from your eyes

resting in mine

From your gaze to my

cross the soul

to sit on lost poems

in the blanket of heaven

Forgotten in the garbage of the earth.


Com Melhores Cumprimentos


Met Vriendelijke Groeten




Os meus pensamentos enegrecidos

A desistir das flores mortas

As árvores com os seus ramos frondosos

Estão ouvir o triste canto dos ventos

Os pássaros só querem nadar

No silêncio voador,

Pousar nos dedos do poeta.


Alguém fecha os ouvidos

E a outra abre a boca

Mil palavras, mil balas

mil risos machucados

Mil desenhos tristes



Mil lágrimas escoam

Das doces memórias

Dos teus olhos

A descansarem nos meus

Do teu olhar a aconchegar no meu

Atravessar a alma

A sentar nas poesias perdidas

Na manta dos céus

Esquecida no lixo da terra.



Pull The Trigger


Pull the trigger

In the shadows

From past

In the tears kept

Of joys not lived

In forgotten kisses


Pull the trigger

In the darkness of the songs

The hidden steps

Please pull the trigger

Shoot those old dreams

Let blood gush on white

Let the illusion swallow the flakes


Shoot at once

In the soul of the sad poet

Shoot Shoot and Shoot

Keep walking


Pull the trigger

In the words

In angry letters

In the melancholy

In the screams of the chest


Pull the trigger

Shoot the single

Leftover star

Leave it all in silence

Your nervous laugh.


Pull the trigger

Before the handful of time

Write the clouds into oblivion


Pull the trigger

In the rules

In the grammars

In dreams

Without carving

the memory

Pull the trigger

This sound of ships


At the head of the river


That refuses to leave

Into the sea of the future


Squeeze the trigger at once

And it will only be necessary


So that the pretty blonde

Land the phrases

In the palm of your hands


And the promises will open

In the sentences, in the eyes

pregnant with tears

Just pull the trigger

In me, since there

We can be us.

Pull the trigger

At the last drop of faith

That springs from my being


GLÓRIA SOFIA, is a dreamer as most poets.  Born in the city of Praia in Cape Verde, Gloria shares her dreams with her two children. She graduated in Engineering and Environmental Management in the Azores, another place that she cherishes for allowing her to continue to be an islander. Ever fascinated by writing, she has played with words since she was a child, exchanging dolls for diaries, and finding comfort when her secrets and thoughts are guarded in a white page. Gloria’s poems capture moments of her journey and are full of passion and the emotions as the author herself. Gloria has grown to make her voice heard in different arenas, believing that in addition to writing about feelings she also needs to speak, shout or take action on some realities. Among other poetry sites she collaborates with the online newspaper of magazines in the world. She was nominated to apply for RMAPAI. She has been invited for 3 University from Boston (April 2019). Harvard University, Tufts University and Boston University for reading and conversation about genre and literature. She's also represented her country Cape Verde in VIII Conference in Portuguese Language Literature UMass Boston, gala cidad la paz Bolivia 2020. Her poetry has been translated into more than 15 languages, in 2020 she win one prize for Union Mundial Poetas Paz Liberdade She participated in International Poetry Festival in (Curtea de Arges) Romania (2016), (Istanbul) Turkey (2017), Ditet & Naimit Macedonia / Albania (2018), festival internacional Bangladesh.

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