Monday, November 1, 2021







Prison walls that close in a life that was, and new is.

They had dreams, that was shattered because they

wanted fast life, but jail time called.

Family displaced, ruin because of greed.

Mother’s left behind children to battle life.

The father may not know how to lead.

Or is he there? Never been home, only to share his seeds.

The pregnant moms incarcerated.

Giving birth to babies, that don’t belong to them

as they are taken away by authorities.

Given to families that can’t have babies.

The prison walls are thin, they hear every cry and pain.

Years of shackled chains and orange gowns.

It’s home, it’s where they belong.

But they cry for mercy, for someone to hear.

But what about the ones they tormented

They didn’t care.

The walls are closing in on them every crime

haunts their souls.

Their state of mind so cold, a story to be told.

Some fight to survive to have a forgiven heart.

But the victims’ families may not forgive or even start.

They are thrown aside like paper.

Hoping their lives will not expire.

Can mercy save them/ Can peace reign inside?

But they choose a part and not sure if they will live or die.





The slave trade is never gone, it’s a disease.

A parasite that latches on.

The innocent they can’t fend for themselves.

They are the prey; the trap is set.

Young lives no childhood dreams.

Given away for money to feed a family.

But sometimes families are helpless.

They are muted, obey their masters.

The slave master, he’s the boss.

The boss is hungry for flesh.

Flesh that is ripped apart.

Torn to pieces by brutal beatings.

Long hours, maybe no food or water.

Becoming sexual meal to these predators.

When will it stop? Can it ever stop?

The cries of help are shrieks of pain.

Constant brutality death may arise.

How can they turn their backs?

How can they sleep?

When the world cries.



Tribute To My Sister


Got the news today of your passing, such a sad feeling of grief.

Didn’t hear your last words, didn’t feel, didn’t touch you.

You kept all stuff inside, till it grew and manifested

Into weeds, that choked your voice to speak.

I can’t take the voice out your mouth, because

Your words are stuck inside somewhere it hides.

You carried so much grief till it poisoned your ability to see.

To see me as not your enemy, but to be free.

Every bitterness sunk into your flesh, causing hurts

and pains making you insane.

You refused to make peace, to set your mind at ease.

You built up walls, that no can break.

A cold heart that couldn’t bleed

It pumped venom because that’s what it feeds.

The pressure was so much to bear.

But still, you didn’t care and had no fear.

Tried reaching out, extended the olive branch for peace.

I guess time got wasted that the branch dried up.

That’s how it is inside your body, like a desert

all dry that thirst for water.

Thirst for love, thirst for peace.

It’s a battle, a struggle between good and evil.

Twisted mind with a twisted heart,

You made that bed and lie from the start.

Now you are gone. Should I cry?

Or rejoice as one bitter soul has died.

That’s the enemy plan of hate, which I will not debate.

But you are gone and everything you felt is buried.

Still inside your flesh, that will rot and feed the earth.

Should I wish you a good night sleep?

And pray the lord your soul to keep.

Until we meet again.

Rest in peace (I hope) my friend.



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