Monday, November 1, 2021





Sweet Peace


the soul

birds of freedom

feel the caress

of peace

The people who live

in the flowered

gardens of happiness We became

peace reconciled,


the "aroma

of peace" ...

Peace of the planet

eternal goodness

of people and hearts

ideas and dreams in a tender

sun look the moons

will shine with smiles, the

stars will

scatter eternal love

in the consciousness

of the celestial coast




Sky’s The Limit


Sky’s the limit and free birds

fly between the limits of love.

The happiness limit belongs

only to the smiling sky.

The passion from the sky

transformed to human mind

with the prayer on the top of heaven.

But the top of the ideas

belongs to inspiration

looks like a fish and swimming

throw the sky-blue eyes…

The hand of God the happiness

of human’s souls

the death of bad sins! -



'Dividing In Background Blue'


Your infidelity

with rips in two

with a double-edged knife

And You were the of souls


betrayed by

the last

kiss phony

and other seas

of lust you traveled

the moment.

Your infidelity

passed just

like bullets

The open wound

but did not dispel

my mind heart

Blue fake own


dwells in places



bitterness and blood

embrace any

in dark night

Your of silence

by putting

a wolf claws

to shred!




PETROS KYRIAKOU VELOUDAS was born in Agrinio Greece in 1977, where he lives to this day. He graduated in Greek culture from the School of Humanities of the Open University of Greece in Patras. He has worked as a radio producer at a local radio station, while he has published his poems or humorous stories in the city newspaper Agrinio de  MACHITI ANAGELIA, LAS NOTICIAS DE AΙΤΟLOAKARNIA PALMOS. He was a member of the community council of the city of Agrinio, specifically vice president of the city of Agrinio from 2014 to 2019. He is a member of the Panhellenic Union of Writers and is now an active member of the Union of Etoloakarnania Writers. .Director of Greek poetry of the union of poets of Argentina. Letters became songs of the music of Greek composers that are on YouTube. His poems are included in the Panhellenic anthology (published by NEA ARIADNE, an anthology of Aitoloakarnani poets and novelists during the period 1821-2002). Along with his literary works, it is included in the electronic encyclopedia of the Panhellenic Contributions of contemporary Greek writers. He is currently a member of the International Society of Greek Writers (DEEL). His literary distinction was commendable in the first Panhellenic prose competition, he was awarded 1000 Greek poets, he is a member of the International Society of Greek Writers (DEEL). LARRY NIVEN LITERATURE Bonus of the universal route with his poem "the last sheriff" ACTIVITY-HOBBIES- Comic book reader, ham radio music producer, lyricist


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