Monday, November 1, 2021




Forgive me


The first time I saw you there,

If I laughed, forgive me.

My smile touches your heart,

Forgive me if I don't know.

You looked at my face like dumb,

My eyes were on yours.

I will not change you with a smile,

If I have changed, forgive me.

I did not dare to say a word to you,

It was written in my heart, separation, grief.

It fell on my destiny, a lifetime abroad,

Forgive me if I'm gone.

I did not have any authority,

I'm suffering, I'm in love.

My friend, you are mine, dilruba half,

 Forgive me if I love you.





The flame of love has fallen in my heart,

There is no room for love in me.

It does not fit in my heart, it does not fit in my heart.

My heart is burning with love.


What do I need love at this age,

I don't have the strength to love anyway.

I stare at everyone,

I have never been loved.


My gaze does not shine as before,

The wilderness eats the wilderness, my heart.

An aging spirit in aging skin,

He sees me upside down, upside down.


No more days like before,

Destroyed by day, devastated by night.

How the day begins, how the day ends,

I was almost indifferent to everything.


It always seems that time stands still,

It's as if life suddenly faded.

I don't know what to say, I'm done.

I mean, I'm tired.

Agshin Aliyev .10.03.2020.




Akbar crowned his love,

Semira planted a hanging garden for love.

Farhad proved that he climbed the rock,

Khosrovsa chewed on the throne for love.


Caius was mad and fell into the dessert,

He took offense at life in the wilderness.

Leyli cried out, left,

He cried so much that the light of his eyes was over.


What an unjust world, the world you see,

He lifts the patch and takes it to heaven.

Keep up the good work every day,

It makes him worse day by day.

Agshin Aliyev.16.06.2015      




I've never seen you as beautiful,

O beauty lay in my heart.

O squinting eyes, wrinkled lips,

My heart pounded.


Sanmaki, my heart is open to everyone,

Only you took my heart.

I was asleep, I was fast asleep,

You came to make my heart flutter.


Views often confuse people,

Your views are not lies.

Look is not given to look,

My feelings are chewing on me.


If I Were Your Age,


Believe me, he would ruin his life.

I would hit the Caspian Sea alone,

I would pour out my heart with love.

Agshin Mistanli.20.06.2020

I can't stand it anymore

Looking back, I can't stand it anymore

People are forgetful, their actions are biased

They are very strange, I cannot solve the waste

Some are cunning, some are greedy

I see a thousand faces, from a person I know

So he was the same person? I don't understand for a long time

One hundred percent greed, enveloping people

I always think, I cannot accept

Some people talk and laugh with you

I laugh so much that I can't laugh

Suddenly he says such a thing, he is joking with me

I can't say enough about the end of friendship

Today they will give you a tongue, don't worry, they will correct you

But then it disappears, I can't find it

Some have sworn an oath of allegiance

There is dishonor, I do not see the honorable

Some caress my back with their hands

I'm with you, he says, he begs me every day

But maybe that person is not real, he is fake

To stab the dagger, looking for a place on his back

Akgshin Aliyev.08.09.2013


My Remained In My Heart


Spring came again, nature was awake,

The nightingales chirped and the violet became the key.

My hot blood boiled, stirred my heart,

     I wanted to love again; my dream remained in my heart.


No one knows my pain in my heart,

I do not tell anyone, my grief.

It burned my heart, it took my young life,

I wanted to see it again, my dream remained in my heart.


It is not a sin to fall in love, everyone says,

  He is not in love, he is heartbroken.

  The taste of love was poison, but it was sweet to love,

I also wanted to taste; my dream remained in my heart.


God created woman, by His judgment,

We are all better witnesses than women.

The spot on a woman's beauty cheek,

I was fascinated by her aunt, my dream remained in my heart.


When I see my love, my heart often beats,

  My limbs tremble, my wrists tremble.

My tongue also heels, this love is engaged,

  I wanted to fall in love, my dream remained in my heart.


Who has this beauty, such pearly eyes?

Such an admirable look, sweet words.

It was as if God had brought down an angel,

I fell in love with him, my dream remained in my heart.            



ALIYEV AGSHIN BOYUKAGA OGLU - was born on November 16, 1977 in the city of Lankaran, Republic of Azerbaijan. in an intelligent family. In 1994-1998 he entered the Faculty of History and Philology of ADPU, and in 1998 graduated from the Faculty of History and Philology of Lankaran State University. In 2001 he was elected a member of the Center for Interethnic Cooperation of the City of Moscow. My scientific and journalistic articles have been published in many newspapers and magazines of the Russian Federation. About 100 poems were published on various websites, newspapers and magazines and were translated into Uzbek, Russian, English, Turkish, Nepali. Hindi. Urdu, Arabic, Tajik, into Turkmen, Ukrainian and Spanish and published in almanacs. I am the author of 10 historical novels and many poems and my novels have been translated into English and Russian .. In 2019 I became the winner of the IV Eurasian festival of festivals on the literature of the continent, In 2020 I am a participant and winner of the Colombian International Festival of Poetry Medlina, the V All-Russian literary festival 2020, All-Russian online poetry festival Morofon. In 2020, I was awarded the title "diploma" and "laureate" of the Eurasian poetic Morophon. I was one of the 27 winners of the "World International Poetry Festival" 2020, which was attended by 3500 writers, poets and publicists from 80 countries, and was included in the list of "27 best writers in the world." "In 2020, an article in English was published on the leading website in Indonesia entitled 'The Tragedy of Hochala.' Laureate of the Golden Wreath and Turan awards. He is a finalist and winner of the Gild International Poetry Festival in London, UK, and in 2020 awarded the Turan Birimdigi Medal from the International Commonwealth of People's Diplomacy (ICND) Yangi Ovoz, the New Voice of the Union of Elitarona People's Diplomacy of Central Asia. He won the 2020 Pakistan Online Literature Competition and was named Writer of the Year. Aliyev Agshin became the winner of the Golden Spring literary festival in Russia in 2021. Aliyev Agshin Boyukaga oglu was awarded a "certificate of honor" for services to Lebanese literature, in 2021 he was awarded a "certificate of honor" of the International Academy of Ukraine and a diploma of "Heinrich Berl" and "Robert Bruns". In 2021, he was awarded the “Golden Pen” and “Samed Vurgun” prizes. In 2021, he became the winner of the poetry competition. De Richelieu. He is married and has three children.

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