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Halfway down the aisle he suddenly stopped to pick a hibiscus flower,
Over the fence the tree was smiling with her thousand buds and flower shower,
Clouds cleared the path to the bright sun and the fragrance of coruscant wet earth,
The haunting love breeze was spreading you cannot see it but feel it in its depth!

When he was on his knee and offered the enchanting flower you looked at him
He was swimming in those two blue seas searching for his identity with weird whim!
Amazement and joy walked side by side and hugged you both like divine dream,
You gently took the flower and opened the vistas of infinity flanked by hope stream!

When the heart forge of Vulcan is fuming with golden red flames capped in blue,
When the bellows of breath infusing fire with combustible air of passionate hue,
When two heart rhythms synchronize in a standstill moment searching for a clue,
When the gentle touch of nearness rafting the world of emotions into joyful dew!

You whispered into his tireless eyes a mystic prime hum of forgotten ages and suddenly left ,
Drunk with your honeyed voice he is still searching for you in the hills and dales of separation cleft!


Why those parting tears left their stories in silence on your listening cheeks?
The eyelashes lashed in waves at the sea of emotions to paint my inner shrieks!
Here's looking at you KID! You wrenched my heart out and kissed it goodbye!
How can I put it back in its original space when it is steaming lava of love high!

In hiccups my heart is pleading for your tender touch but you scorn its advance!
I realize somewhere I have crossed your mercy with my careless arrogance!
Is that why you left me in this loveliness desert and gone away in a mind storm!
The time twisters are gnawing away my treasured memories of you in dark charm!

O dear! This scorching heat made me into cactus thistles and mesquite seed wares,
Everywhere I see the images of fear as side-wingers and scorpions in nightmares!
The invisible chains you placed to my mind and body are crushing my spirit unawares,
Grant me lady your love and release me from this torture with your tender cares!

Here's looking at you KID! You put back my collapsed heart in and kissed it goodnight!
You forgave me and brought back our own space intact under this serene moonlight!


When that twin lightning sparred one another, the blue sky cried in pain, why?
The dark clouds thundered and unleashed tornadoes and veiled earth in dust dry!
Now it is time to invert the water-pots of heavens to quench the thirst of earth,
The green signal came from the eye of God and storm and a deluge heaved in mirth!

The hoods of water in tsunami waves inundated the human shores,
The leftovers of aftermath limped back to repair doors on sad scores!
Slowly came the spring on the green graves of the past memoir stores,
Countless flowers bloomed in vivid colors and patterns of fresh lingo spores!

Then you came to this new Eden like a nightingale on wings of song,
A sojourner I am, amazed with your grace and grandeur, looked at you all along,
The morning pink sun filled the hills and dales with velvet red sunshine,
The more I looked at you the more Amor I was and love blossomed in vines divine!

As twin lightning when we sparred one another, the blue dome smiled in joy, why?
The soft sun and tender moon whispered sweet nothings in the cloudless bright sky!


The road to your mercy is ridden with hidden swords,
I lie here under the dark sky looking at the migrant birds,
I am tired and thirsty, cannot walk anymore,
Night covers me like a blanket and with crickets i snore!
I wonder, by my sleep, what thou and I have done,
till we parted? Were we not gathering memories then?
But separated on country borders, i weep in childish urge?
Or count the moments you burnt my soul in your grace forge!
’Where i lost myself? Tears roll like fireballs and merge,
it was so; all pleasures do cause unbearable pain surge!

in that dream garden i was looking at you in trance,
Which I planned not, it happened, ’twas but a magic dance!
Hand in hand we touched the flowers to our pounding hearts,
we suffered occasional frozen moments and missed beats,
The rhythm was clear like the buzz of the humming bees;
Time came upon us like a dark cloud, the thunder was loud,
You came, saw, smiled and disappeared like lightning,
My tears rained like drizzle now grew into an unfamiliar storm,
Some screeching emptiness devours my caged heart,
it lodges the melancholic universe and sinks into bottom part!

Let sojourners on love path discover my frozen body!
Let the maps of amor sail in bottles to reach you lady!
Let the routes to the worlds on worlds show my existence,
Let that one world, world of love, bring you to my essence.
My reflection in thine eyes, let it imbibe your electric charge!
My lost memories let them be retrieved by your tender merge,
Be a peacemaker and replenish this empty soul with love!
Be a Spirit giver and rejuvenate this thin body to fly above!

Whatever perishes again flourishes in the infinite realms of time,
it is the immortal love that runs the world, you and me in space sublime!

(So dear, walk gently on my dreaming heart, with your soft tender feet!
it is you i am dreaming about and so sprinkle your smiles and kisses so sweet!)


On that fateful morning dawn,
I drank with vigor the waters of life and looked forwards on the timeline might,
The East has opened its pink red gate ushering the one wheeled chariot
And its occupant with his millions of rays who vanquished the ruler of the night
And his army of dark mist that melted away bleeding reflections of light.

On that fateful morning,
I spilled my crimson blood on the hibiscuses and poppies in flakes,
Then the wrinkled white snow winked with its toothless red faced lakes,
In that cold freezing maze of a grotto, in the hibernacula of catacomb makes,
There lied my shrunken thoughts coiled and uncoiled like some molting snakes.

On that fateful afternoon,
I lost my sheen of sprouting vigor that once challenged the earth crust
And by break opening it by its germinating power, raised its head and breast.
The snows melted but the raging winds from a distant desert devoured my sap fast
Too hot and too cold is this life, my roots were shaken, i had my flowers fruits lost..

On that fateful evening,
Nearby forest fire spread eagled its blazing wings, scorched me into leafless sprite,
And my sins of youth started nibbling my roots and stem like white ants in wait,
The shrinking sun was shrieking under smoke clouds, running beyond horizon sight,
The roaring sea with waves of laughter watched his flight plight, welcomed the dark knight.

On that fateful night,
As the night progressed my stifled bark back split into smithereens umpteen
The last drop of the life sap got dried up in the hardening log wood sans green
The burning cinders threw sparks on my shriveled body to make me one of their own,
The last fruit of my body exploded into myriad seeds that flew away in the wind screen.

On that fateful midnight,
Stars and the sulking moon sang elegies to my sad departure in secret silence,
One of my surviving seeds sailed fast into the spring meadows beyond desert fence,
The growing civilizations were fighting there in search of glory were ending in gory violence,
Their crimson blood spilled on my buried seed woke up it from sleep surveillance.

On that fateful early morning dawn,
The victor's water pot spilled a few drops of water in his jubilant tent,
When he left the battleground with vanquished severed head and dried blood scent,
Those few drops of water gave the seed the mysteries of history to present
And when my seed began telling that history, all the shadows of trees and mountains,
Started laughing in frenzy peels and their jaundiced look slowly merged into pink curtains;


Is it sheer madness? May be it looks dangerously magnificent, but it is not war!
Rangers or Border Security force infantrymen when they show their prowess,
A ritual stompade, thumping of earth, blowing of horns and trumpets nonetheless,
A show of guts and guns, young soldiers cry, scream and beam stars n scars of yester year!

A border that divided brothers with barbed wires and blasted landmines,
A blustering parade by the burlesque soldiers from both sides with strong spines,
A dazzling defense ceremony that breaks sinews and joints of men of army lines,
Eyes red, whiskers wince, legs dance, hands denounce, words announce the whines,

In the ceremonial dress a troupe of towering men reach the gates on both sides,
As the Sun sets one infantryman stands still in attention, others exhibit emotional tides,
A retreat parade of raised legs to touch the sky slashing cutting the frozen air braids,
A spectator in solid mass hysteria shouting in top of their voices with slogan divides.

Brusque handshakes in between the opening and closing of the gates of high powered. ,
A blood curdling roar and a pomp ceremony of regalia show, two nations' flags lowered,
Like the religion of Samurai, a deterrent parade pummeling the scene with tension gripped,
An emotional but mechanical ritual everyday repeated to remind the enmity established.

At wagah border or at any border sleepless check post guns cough bullets on intruders,
The sunset bowl yards after the retreating parade close their tombstone gates n borders.
On Republic days new weapons march fast on the streets and vanish like fleeting images.
Where billions of money gets evaporated just before the unfortunate starving poor gazes,

now and then both sides cross borders and kill young men in soldier's dress thinking about their own country in blazes,
And the politicians n military leaders sing-along surgical strikes elegies dirges and condolence songs of ages!
Dr. Lsr Prasad


Dr. LANKA SIVA RAMA PRASAD  ( Dr. LSr Prasad) is a Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgeon by profession, a popular author of many books and essays. He is a cartoonist, painter, critic, Editor  and orator par excellence. His knowledge in Telugu and English earned him name. He has translated Homer’s Iliad, Odyssey first time in to Telugu Literature. In that series of Greek literature- Epic cycle and Greek Heroes came as the third book. His other notable translations in to Telugu are John Milton’s Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained; John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress; Virgil’s Aeneid; Dante’s Divine Comedy. Goethe’s Faust.  Rumi’s Masnavi; Attar’s – Birds conference;  Omar Khayyam’s- Rubaiyat. He was assigned the job of translating selected classic poems of Telugu literature by C.P. Brown’s Acadamy which was published as Telugu songs and poems. Katthi anchu pai- is a collection of noir genre stories. Now his published books have crossed the prestigious hundred land-mark. Most of his books are reference books in literature. His 106th book- the poems of Sappho was released in Athens, 107th book- Journey to Manas sarovar was released at the holy premises of Manas Sarovar lake. His 108th book – The Mexican Poetry- (telugu) , Inanna the first goddess and other books are due for release. He is the recipient of  Rauel International poet Award-2017, T.S Eliot 2017 award, Global poet Award- 2017-CANADA-WIN, Life time achievement award-2017, Kibatek medal-2017 and many more honors. He was the host and sponsor of PENTASI-B  INDIA WORLD POETREE FESTIVAL- October 2017

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