Thursday, March 1, 2018




Life is full of ups and downs
Happiness and sorrow
When you wake up
Listen to the songs
Of the cuckoos
And warm yourself up
In the beautiful sun rays
Listen to the ripples
In the nearby stream
Cleansing the pebbles
Its music to your heart !
Listen to the rustling leaves
In the breeze how sweet it sounds
Have a compassionate and loving heart although  you are
facing troubles yourself !
Learn to endure any situation
with motivation in your mind !
Walk along the right path, friends
And you will be able to
accomplish much !
Love suffers
Love smiles
Love cries
Love endures
Sarala Balachandran


One fine morning
I got up with a yawn
at the crack of the dawn
I found a pondful of flowers
marvellously shining !
It was far away
but the sweet  fragrance
was enough to get me
In the mood of writing few lines !
The flowers seemed
they just bloomed
for man to change his mood
of destruction n violence !
The crowd gathered
whispering to each other
never seen such beauty
In our life !
They sat for a while
satisfied their heart's
compulsion to inhale
beautiful fragrant thoughts
casting away the negative
God smiled from above and
He blessed
Man peace be with you !
Sarala Balachandran

I AM .....

I am that shooting star
I am the sun
I am the moon
I am the galaxy of stars
I am the milky way
I am the sea
I am the mountain
high n mighty
I am that pretty peacock
dancing before rain
I am nothing
but a fistful of ashes
to be floated in the holy river !


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