Thursday, March 1, 2018




Aha! What an awesome day
Sun has come with special rays
Morning is blooming like flower
Dew drops are like love shower!

Lovable rhymes enchanting around
Birds chirping with love sound
Breezes are blowing with mellow caress
Squirrels are dancing on grass!

Face smiling without any reason
Soul singing without any violin
Heart beats are not under control
Feet dancing like Barbie doll!

O God, what is this entire miracle?
Aha, there is something special
O I remember, today is special occasion
It’s a special day of love season!

O dear, get up and buy some gift
Wish yours beloved and have treat
Aha, valentine day has come
Let us celebrate and have fun!


Something special is definitely there in my love
Thinking about him I dance like a dove
I forget even my own identification
Whenever I find him in my imagination!

He remains here, he is there
With a lovable smile I find him everywhere
My tears flow even in joy
I start playing like a toy!

I try to search him all around me
When actually I peep, find him inside me
His whispers appear like ripples of river
Dancing wavering waves of sea water!
His smile is like a blooming flower
He speaks like chirping birds with feathers
My love is like a glimmering moon
God has gifted me with a special boon!


In the dreams of mine
I find you only
With your persistent presence
I even cherish my nights lonely!

You hold my hands in yours
And give me a soothing touch O' dear
For a moment I forget
Every pain I bear!

You talk to me sitting beside
All fear goes away that is inside
Encouraging are your words for me
That helps me everything to decide!

You sing lovely songs and rhymes
Fill my heart with melody and charm
Your sweet soften voice
Keeps my mind peaceful and calm!

When you call me your beloved
I forget whole of this world
I cherish a wonderful paradise
With this lovable word!

Alas! It's a dream only, not reality
But I always hope for positivity
One day I am sure
I will cherish it as reality!!!
Copyright @ DR.SONIA 15.1.18.


Dr. SONIA GUPTA is an Indian poet, who is a dentist by profession. She has been writing since 2007. She is a well known name in Hindi and English literature with her solo four English and two Hindi poetry published books. Her poems have been published in various anthologies, magazines and newspapers. She has received numerous awards in poetry competitions organized by various literary groups. She is also fond of paintings, singing, designing, knitting and teaching. Her many projects are coming soon.

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