Thursday, March 1, 2018




Red is the color of love
Let us paint the world
Let us prevent it from being different molds
Which brings on the earth  chaos
what gives wars and the bloodshed?
Only  people's heart with afraid?
A lot of people loss their loved one
"Let us color this world with red,
but not with blood-shed but with flowery red"
Let us say goodbye forever to hatred
Let us hand to hand live being each others friend
Let's erase psychic  cross or column let there is equal row
Let there is free heart and brain body no any foe
The same color can bring happiness
The same color can bring gloominess
Let us beautifully paint the picture
whom our next generation too miss
All live with love and peace


How wonderful those days?
Little thing how used to make us impress
Mind without  any kind of stress
Though, needs were very less
How we would love to toys
Used to friends tears
Little moments used to share
For each other always used to care
Used to go and play in the lap of mother nature
Used to listen the tales of moral lessons from grandma
Used to search for grandpa's stick
Beneath the moon in open yard used to sleep under the lap of mamma
Used to play hide and seek and blind fold
Used to bath in the river, how those moments were gold!
I wish i could go there, just awhile!


THERE isn't one who never made any mistake
The life is chance to learn and improve
Do not hesitate to accept thy lack
Try to past mistake remove
Each day come up with new chance with the challenge
Fly thyself as free bird to learn something new do not bind thyself under the cage
Utilize each day of the life as new page
Provides new opportunity new stage
Try again if failed once with double dare
But, with the intense pure
Sometimes error can take you to the place rare!


NIDHI KUNVARANI  is poetess hailing from  India.She has completed her M.A in year 2014 from M.K.B.U Bhavnagar,Gujarat,India with first class.After that worked as a "English Lecturer".At present,she is working in the field of writing.She is an ardent lover of English Literature. She knows three languages basically Gujarati,Hindi and English.Apart from writing,She is interested in teaching, photography and too

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