Thursday, March 1, 2018




You collected me from the bus stop,
to tell the truth I was a little nervous.
You put a daisy in my hair.

Later on the decking under sunlight and aqua skies,
We sipped green tea,
we named favourite songs and movies.
Puffing smoke rings,
we chatted,
we laughed.

Then, a sudden presence of peace-
we embraced for an eternity.

And what would happen next-
Parted lips,
intertwined limbs,
silenced the roar of a passing train.
And frightened the cat.


The breeziness of unexpected affection,
comes like a perfected dream,
shatters my calm.

I try not to lose myself,
yet, I drown in his taunting charms,
like a spray of exquisite perfume,
too beautiful to part with.

I’m like a puerile child,
an inane dependence
handcuffed to his heart


Death is a cruel taunt.

I used to huddle
snug beside him as he slept.
how he used to chase me
to the water’s edge,
frolicked in the waves.

I got silly butterflies
when he caught me,
lifting me high and clear.

Always a special necktie
to try with his favourite shirt,
dabbing cologne on his skin
and clothes.
He stood in front of the mirror,
‘Do I look OK?’

When I stood eye level,
he was grey and bald, hearing
not as sharp as it once was but,
he heard me speak to his doctor.

I dreamt of your mother last night.

He fell silent for a long moment,
and gazed at the rain-threatened twilight.

We spoke no other word.

AMY BARRY writes poems and short stories. She is inspired by simply everything. She explores current issues, love, family, nature, death, famous people and places of interest. She also writes poems on table tennis (being the first poet to have her work published on the Table Tennis Ireland web site which can be found at She is the founder of Global Writers and a member of Splinters for All, Poetry in the Park and the World Foundation for Peace. She is Chairman for Making Space(Cultural Group) in Athlone. Amy is an Honorary member of Neruda Cultural Association, Italy. Amy loves to travel. Trips to India, Nepal, China, Japan, Bali, Paris, Berlin, Budapest Milan and Falkenberg have all infused her work. She is published in anthologies, journals, and press and e-zines globally in New York, Paris, Belfast, Cork, London, Taranto, Belgium including: Southword Journal, A New Ulster, Galway Review, Mad Swirl, Misty Mountain Review, First Cut, Live Encounters, Poehemian Press, Poetry 24, Knot Magazine. Amy and her work have featured on radio and television in Australia, Canada, Italy and Ireland. Her poems have been translated into Italian, Turkish, German, Malay, Romanian, Irish and Persian. Amy is a global poet. She is often invited to read as guest poet at Festivals and Literary events abroad. She often read at schools and libraries. Amy is a graduate in Mass Communications with a major in Public Relations. She has worked as a Public Relations/Marketing Manager in the Media, Hotel and Oil & Gas industries.

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