Thursday, March 1, 2018



(inspired by Robert Plant's song 'satan, thy kingdom must come down')

not my father
thou who art in hell
may thy name be not hallowed
may thy kingdom not come
may thy will not be done
on earth as it is not in heaven
We human beings do not want anything from you
neither bread nor forgiveness
nor to learn not to forgive others
We shall not be led into temptation
or delivered over to evil
for the Kingdom, the power and the glory
was never yours.
So be it.


Today I found lying on the roadside
the broken and fractured body of God
which when I tried to piece together
a cacophony of voices arose
from the scattered and bleeding parts
in tongues of blood crying themselves hoarse
Some said they were Hindu
and some Christian
Some spoke of Allah
One even said I am Marxist but believe
Some said Jain
Some Sikh
Some Buddhist
Some Mormon
Some were Parsi
Some Baha'i
Some vain
Some spoke of Scientology
Some were satanists
Some Wicca
Some theosophists, atheists and antitheists or deists
Some sectarians and denominations galore
My hands getting bloodied
I left them there
and went searching for the Head
My God My God why hast thou forsaken thy body
Fractured and broken it by the roadside lies
I asked the Head that/who only told me
That time was an illusion
And in a sec
I looked at my hands
The blood found on it
All became clear
And back I went
to pick up the pieces
and fix them back
What was needed was just
to block my ears.


The search for God led Buddha
some say
to zero shoonya nothingness emptiness
And two roads fork for the others
into saying no God exists
or God is live evil or evil live or dead
Or into speaking of a personal God
or an impersonal dash
It's true that men have worshipped
God, and everything
or nothing
or the Universe
or Nature and the Earth
and local, regional and geographical gods
and goddesses rather than worship nothing
unable to see them as only such
though they too can be conduits of the largesse
of God
as can men worshipped as God
if they be fair enough
Any name seems sometimes a road to something
but which one is the best?
The search for the path leads nowhere but to paths
till one realizes the truth is not to be searched for but if it is meant to be yours
it will come to you
and that assurance is all one needs


DR KOSHY AV is presently working as Assistant Professor in the English Department in Jazan University, Saudi Arabia. He has two collections of poetry to his credit titled Figs and Allusions to Simplicity as well as a few other books and has co-edited or co-written some. His latest book is Scream and Other Urbane Legends, a collection of short fiction.

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