Thursday, March 1, 2018




The more we know
The less we understand
The more we talk
The lesswe listen
The more we acquire
The less gratitude we have
The more we hate
The less we love
The more we look
The less we see
And In the darkness
All shadows are enemies
Like flies inhaling poison
Spewing death and destruction
The swarms swell
Inthe decayof entitlement and ignorance
© Juanita Garcia Vera
All Rights Reserved    JGV 2017
PhotographSecurity … Juanita Garcia Vera


I dust the memories
Pictures of all I love
Thoughts most dear
Of time,   sweet time
Walking hand in hand
Through life
Now but, memories
Collecting dust
Tears are falling
Like the rain
Cleansing all
My heart
Holds dear
Pictures and
Most precious thoughts
Long kept treasure
Worth more
Than diamonds or gold
Now hold to view

In the dimmest hour
To cleanse and relive
All that ever was
And will never beagain
Thinking time does serve
Me well
On this glum
And rainy day
That can only serve
To cleanse
All the dust
That holds my heart
In such hurtful pain
All the memories
I saved
Carefullylocked away
For a sunny day
That seems
So far away
© Juanita Garcia Vera
January 30, 2014


Never stop dreaming
For when you do
Life will be over
Dreams are fluffy full of whipped cream
With Strawberries sweetness
Its scented perfume
They are gifts for the Heart
A vision’s delight
A gift from the Soul
That calls in the night
Theylive in the yellow
Of richest Sunshine
The orange of warm Dusk
That covers the night
The blue of vast Heaven
That calls evening slumber
They live in the color of Cobalt
That bathes in the Sea
Releasing its essence
To sweeten my dreams
These are but a few
Of my favorite dreams
The one’s, I can see
The rest live inside
Exciting my senses
Calling out in the night
Awaiting Life’s glimpses

All Rights Reserved JGV

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