Thursday, March 1, 2018




My next voyage will be a different one
Traveling light without any luggage
Leaving my fashionable shoes
Going barefoot
Following the caravan of my thoughts
A journey with no companion
No need to food and water
fasting along the way
Leaving all desires behind
Seeking the everlasting desire
Crossing those deserted lands
Heading to those hidden lands
Not found on any maps
Taking no camera
Not seeking great shots
I saw many marvelous landscapes
Till now no great satisfaction
Collecting no valuable things
Just precious moments When being with my creator
Experiencing new adventures,
Being a lost wanderer in the choosen distination
Looking for my hidden inner
All rights reserved
Aziza Dahdouh


Precious moments they were
What is left after a treasure
Of priceless , very few words
Less than fingers of a hand
No...not going to use them
To complete the crosswords
Iam planning to make them a pendant
Wearring it all the seasons and all the times
Touching those pearls will be my habbit
Won't tell the wondering , the gazers
About my charming magical pendant
Which comforts me in tough moments
My real and valuable heritage
Nobody will inherit it after me
Taking it around my neck to my tomb
Aziza Dahdouh
Jan  21st 2018
All rights reserved


Paint me a little princess
Swinging  in her flowery dress
Flying like a dove
AnnouncingThe joyful
Season in advance
Paint me ...
A crystal dew drop
On the verge of starting
A long journey
From the leaf to the  ground
falling a natural fall
Not complaining at all
That's the magic of life
Paint me ...
A sun  just appeared after
A stormy weather
Clear the clouds painter
Let me shine
To warm the cold souls
Paint me...
A flower on canvas
Grown in the field of summer
Never pick me
Let me  die a natural death
One day i will revive
And become a butterfly flower
Paint me...



AZIZA DAHOUH an Algerian poetess .She is fond of reading  and writing poetry in English ,Arabic and French.Her poetry appeared in many interesting international anthologies like: Verses On Racism And Resistance Refugee Crisis,Women Beyond And Within The Shore, Autumn,Poetic Rainbow ,Mother,Earth Day,Father and September..She has her own page on Atunis. She loves traveling.. She saw many amazing places in the world and yearning to see more.

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