Monday, November 1, 2021





The Race Course


Acres and acres of green land.

So soothing, so peaceful.

The eagles flying above.

Flocks of swallows chirping on the ground.

The racing tracks surrounded by green grass.

The white wrought iron railings.

The robust stallions trotting along.

A few dogs loitering.


The beautiful skyline of Kolkata.

Victoria Memorial standing in glory.

The skyscraper ‘The 42’ standing tall.

A light flickering on its top.

The sky a beautiful blue.

Fluffy white clouds floating by.

A sudden light drizzle makes the surrounding hazy.

A magical calm in the atmosphere.


The sun again peeps out from behind some grey clouds.

Everything lights up again

The sky again back to its cerulean beauty.

The white clouds float by.

The birds chirping in the nearby trees.

The ethereal beauty around.

Makes me happy in the silent sound.




The sky is a canvas up above.

Coloured with an unseen hand.

The brush stroke goes swish swash.

With heavenly beauty,

                  the colours are splashed.


Myriad colours of different hue.

Pink, orange, red and blue.

Blending with each other with a beauty divine.

The brush strokes so delicate and fine.


The tall trees pushing their heads above.

The clouds dancing in the mosaic of colours.

Happiness spilled all over the sky

The colours merging with the other,

                like the merging of dye.


The sky is a canvas vast and huge.

Different hues on the palette ready to use.

An unseen hand choosing and blending these.

The wondrous colourful effect over the trees.



The Maidan


The green stretch around.

Silence and not a sound.

Some ponies grazing on the grass.

Brown, black and white ones.

Trees in a line providing shade.

Green, green as far as the eyes can see.

On the horizon a line of trees.

Suddenly a herd of goats come along

The tingling of the bells around their neck.

The shepherds walking beside them.

I observe all and my car swishes by.

Looking at the beauty of the maidan and the sky.

Memories of my childhood floods my mind.

Trips to the maidan with my parents,

                        days which I will never again find.




Dr. PARAMITA MUKHERJEE MULLICK is a scientist transformed into an internationally acclaimed, award-winning poet. She has eight books to her credit. Her poems have been widely published in national and international journals and some translated into 39 languages.  She is also an editor and organizes a lot of poetry events. She promotes peace and conservation. Paramita is the Founder President of the Intercultural Poetry and Performance Library. (IPPL) Mumbai Chapter. She is also the Cultural and Literary Convenor (West India) of the International Society of Intercultural Studies and Research (ISISAR). She lives in Mumbai, India.

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