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Celebrate The Woman In You



you have to conceive, birth

and begotten

the ‘woman’ in you

the woman- of your daydreams

in deep slumber

of your dark nights

for you abandoned and obliterated her

in your abrasive, caustic, acerbic demeanour

in the incongruous, truculent, partisan

and inimical ways of life.


The inflicted wounds

that pierced her

were in agreement, in arrangement

of your quietness and reticence

in the happenings

in the surroundings

in all the depravity

of your belongings.


You did not seek rejoinder

to her unanswered questions

and throttled

the turbulence inside her

feeble, meek, passive and supine

tinge and texture of her skin

displayed and exhibited

the layered complexities of your life.


You were feminine

you were submissive

you downed, you ingested, you swallowed

the jarring, raucous, despotic

pieces of life

thrown to her.


Time is aerial and vaporous

wake up!

the rebirth, renewal and revival

of the elemental woman

-of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ether

will be an event

of celebration and jubilation.

I Loosen The Threads Of Life


As the soft delicate morning sun

seeped through the window of my bedroom

I wrapped its rays around my body

the SELF-

inundated with the gush of breeze

clothed in hues of myriad colours

pervious and permissible

of the feelings and emotions

as a reflection and expression

of the sorrowful melancholy heartaches

interspersed with festivity, ecstasy and satisfaction

of the countless years gone by

of the incomprehensible days and months spent

and TIME

in consonance with the bold and beautiful.


I desperately, hurriedly in exasperation

attempted to take charge of my SELF

and saw it slipping from my grip

my naked eyes bearing a testimony

like in vain once trying to hold sand

between the palms on the sea beach.


I loosen the threads of life

and set them free

I let its meandering course

be designed and defined by

the intangible, colourless, odourless

shapeless GOD.

…the words ‘FAITH’ and ‘TRUST’

coined for HIM.



Futility Of Words


As the night descended

that pleasant summer evening

when the crescent moon

surreptitiously joined our union

and the abundant and plentiful breeze

danced across our faces,

the air pregnant with

love, fondness, tenderness and proclivity

the silence all pervading and encompassing.


The smells of the lake and the fire

were positively delicious

in their earthly familiarity

when I sat in front of you

and time came to a standstill

with body, mind and soul

aligned to experience

the ultimate state

of bliss, peace and serenity.


I suddenly became aware

and realized

the futility of “words”.




ABHA VISHWAKARMA has been in the teaching profession for over thirty-five years. Currently she is the Head Mistress (Junior School) at Kerala Public School Mango, Jamshedpur (India).  She was a Fulbright scholar under ‘International Leadership in Education Programme’ and underwent six months intensive training in teaching methodologies, lesson planning, teacher leadership etc. at Kent State University, Ohio (2012). She has received a number of National and Local awards in the field of education. ‘Pratibha Samman Award’ (2020) by MVLA Trust Mumbai, ‘Best Practicing School Award’ by NCCN (Career Hackathon 2020),‘Teacher Of the Year Award’ (2019) by ‘Institute of Scholars’, Bangalore, ‘Teaching in Excellence Award’ by S. Chand Publication for ‘Effective Lesson Planning’(2018), N.C.E.R.T. award for ‘Innovation in Teaching’ for ‘From Stress to Wellness’ (2014), ‘Preparing Teenagers of Tomorrow Through Life Skill Experience’ (2018), ‘Design for Change award, Ahmedabad, for ‘Its Ok To Talk’(2014) to name a few. She has contributed a chapter ‘Benefits and Challenges of Mobile Technologies’ in the book titled, ‘Promoting Active Learning Through The Integration Of Mobile and Ubiquitous Technologies edited by Dr, Jared Keengwee, University of North Dakota, U.S.A., an article on the movie ‘The Japanese Wife’ in the book ‘Women in Films’, ‘Kunchanjungha’ by Satyajit Ray, edited by Dr. Vijay Sharma. Recently her Hindi poems have been published in the collection ‘Varjanao Se Bahar’ edited by Dr. Akhileskwar Pandey. Her poem, ‘I am Silenced’ has featured in a collection by Wick Poetry Center, Kent State. Her poems are published in national dailies and magazines and are broadcast on All Indio Radio, Jamshedpur.

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