Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Every day, in the same dhoti-
he appeared,
in a small and frail body-
with compassionate disposition-
his steel heart resided.

Gandhi-the continental voice of
the voiceless,
shield to the weak, poor, and
the vulnerable-
the hope of the “un-touchable”;
the one, women without rights,
looked upon to fight their cause.

With messages of freedom,
equality, liberty and swaraj, or
self-rule that resonated
from Indian Ocean to Atlantic,
Gandhi became “Mahatmas”-
“high souled or venerable.”

Yes, for his fatherly role,
he became “Bapu”;
a “father or papa” to a people
who needed a unifying and
national figure in a culturally and
linguistically divided society.

Without bagh nakh, or tiger claws,
without lathi khela, or stick fighting,
without chackram, he instilled
into Indians non-violent culture;
through messages and means
of communication,

he made oppressors and aggressors

He became the center of
Indian nationalism-
the anchor and the soul of
Indian nation;
the conscience of the nation,
the barometer to gauge
British centuries of-
Indian’s occupation,
a powerful moral force in
conduct and in action.

Tugboat that pulled together-
multi-culture and complex
religious systems into a
symphony of unity.

A man of vision, who saw
India beyond a collection
tribes, ethnics, and religious
a man who defined
India’s new roles within the
framework of political engineering-
the roles Indians have surpassed,
now aiming higher.

He made India a force to
reckon with, from whom,
other nations with similar
experience learned lessons.

Bombay now Mumbai and
he made India’s version of-
ancient Greek city of Athens-
center of arts, learning,
philosophy, and
political fraternization,
through his political sagacity.

Indians, he led in one of the
famous marches in history-
Dandi Salt March of 1930’s;
from Ahmedabad to Arabia Sea-
a journey of 1,480 kilometers or
(925 miles) he covered-
over sixty-thousand
protesters arrested-
including himself.

Severally, he gave himself
to the services of fatherland-
expects nothing in return,
made Indians believed and
trusted in themselves;
evoked Indians’ past memories
to inspire Indians for tomorrow’s
inventor of zero and,
the land of mathematics-
bedrock of modern science.

Mahatmas’ powerfully crafted
has become a political capsule-
though, not a therapy,
but a catechism recited everyday,
by concerned individual,
no matter political ideology
or belief;

the seven deadly sins of man
which are valid as, if said today.

Humankind, he gave indestructible
knowledge that gives freedom,
freedom that leads man to
meaningful life;
his ideals, even death  have
continued to resonate-
forever, today’s world and
tomorrow’s shall always
treasure his contribution to
making the world free.

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