Wednesday, July 1, 2015



Since childhood you and I have co-existed,
We are so in tune as to be the Yin and Yang.
You have complemented me at every turn,
My errors you have corrected so subtly.
My darkness you have erased with your light,
My complaints you have addressed humbly.
My staunchest supporter you have always been,
Pushing me along the path when I faltered.
Never a word of complaint has crossed your lips,
Even when I entered dark and terrible realms.
My ally and my crutches you played each role,
Always there in my times of deep need.
My glowing angel of love and unwavering loyalty,
Indebted to you for showing me how to truly love.
Your eyes glow with sweet affection and warmth,
My Jewel and my treasure, invaluable to me.
I am grateful that you have chosen me,
I shall endeavour to prove myself worthy of you.


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