Sunday, April 1, 2018




give me the freedom of flesh
to share
to divide
to yield my roundness to you
and quench the thirst of your palms
to howl with the wolves
when you thrust your fangs
into the softness of my skin

give me the freedom of flesh
but not as long as I wear
a ring on my finger

give me the freedom of words
to spit the truth
between your treacherous eyes
bloodshot with the dogmas
thriving in the nests
of your lacerated brains

give me the freedom of words
but not as long as I need my tongue
to conjure untamed predators

give me the freedom of deeds
to grow my arms into spades
to dig and shovel away
the buttresses of altars
where poisonous fumes linger
above sacrificed generations

give me the freedom of deeds
but not as long as I swing a cradle
in the seclusion of my heart

she begged for freedom
she sang for freedom
she tried and died with it

and I wish
I could have proved her wrong
when she said
Freedom's just another word
For nothing left to lose...

      verse of a song performed by famous singer Janis Joplin who died aged 27

for greedy gods
to break the bone of night
in phallic bliss
under bruised skin
vowels fail words
gravity crashes
the womb's dumbness
light breaks onto steel
splinters spark on milk ways
under easy-iron eyelids
irises ache for wonders


wolf's head on his shoulders
oiled torso denuded
he dances to open her womb
for prophecies not understood

while she, the other she
is dragged to the stake
tied up with the rope
of her forefathers' curse
bound to the denial of mercy
by undoubted appraisals of guilt

no grace under the burning cross
love poisons love
brother stabs brother to death
guilt fathers retribution of guilt
in vain attempts at redemption

while time, this deceiver
digs in and out its preys
and prophecies grin in the embers
that quietly scorch
an old gypsy's eyelashes


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