Wednesday, April 1, 2015


In success of our prior journeys
Conquering every prior war
Thy dread cannot go beyond our formation
Our speech branded so much confidence into our heart
Our successes neckties our reasoning
We rejoiced and danced every victory with our lips
We spoke in our pride
Oloka was conquered
Alagutan was not left behind
Tede was too easy
At your gate alone will our plan and formation begin
Ogundiran was our last conquest to accomplish
Thy path we took, oh! ogundiran
We entered with no formation
Until your gate alone, we concluded
Oh! ogundiran
Your path became deceitful
Like a light at the end of the tunnel
We felt you to be like oloka in our reasoning
We called it Experience
We moved through your path unguarded
Our shields held by our back
Our waist kept our swords
We turned our experience to curse
At her gate we stood
The crack is not new to our hearing
Open, we attacked her
Indeed she did
But instead another mystery came before us
Our vagary hit at us
You are most dreadful,
Oh! ogundiran
Our defenses, you chattered
Amongst us had ran out at your fierceness
Outside the gate before you could close behind us
What! What!! What!!! have we brought on ourselves
Those who couldn't escape
We you strucked with illness
Dread us with injustice in your company
We thrived, thrived hard
We fought against death
Thriving, Thriving, Thriving
Until only time came to save us

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