Wednesday, April 1, 2015



I know I will die as a poet.
I do not feel special at all though.
I respect my readers.
But I'm really proud only of one thing.
I am proud that I'm a good woman,
a good human being.
Please do not laugh.
You would ask what the meaning is
of goodness to me.
Is the notion of "good" the same for everyone?
Not at all, perhaps
-as usual-
I only speak for myself...
I just hope that I'll spread to the world
the love I feel for humans of all kinds.
For any of my brothers and sisters.
I wish to show, how I suffer
for the fierce side of the human race
in personal or social life.
I believe there will be a day,
we'll become all naturally kind,
that we will evoke in this state of beings
who feel only love and togetherness.
I believe strongly in this.
I see it in the eyes of children.
Kazi Nazrul Islam, the poet,
said in his most important speech
" I came to give love to the world,
I came to get love from the world.
I came to sing a love song..."
Well I repeat:
The only thing I am proud of myself
is that I AM a loving being.
I do NOT hate no one.
And I say the truth...
I see in everyone's acts the REASON
which perverted their goodness
and I feel compassion for them.
"When I won't be here anymore,
then do not arrange any tribute to my memory,
if you have some time,
please go to my grave and
put a wild flower thereon"
I am open to be hurt from everyone.
My only care is not to hurt
I hurt others only unwillingly, when
I cannot avoid it.
My attitude towards humanity,
"Love to all, enmity to none"
this could be my motto.
I do protect the innocents all my life
but better by preventing the evil.
I do fight the evil towards the innocents,
BUT I feel sorry for the evil too.
Evil was good in the past.
Evil was a fallen Angel.
I also believe that dialogue and education
punishes enough
the Evil
if it is given massively and systematically.
You could say: Hate the sin, not the sinner...
Well I say even the sin is a need,
we must break all odds and
love each other as we are,
enough we do not hurt each other.
I think God would be like this
-if there is one-
He would not care for details,
He would only care for love and justice,
but never for justice alone.
I wrote this poem today and
I show it to every loving people,
so they will understand they are not alone.
Because when we can love anyone,
even the seemingly different one,
ONLY then we start to love ourselves for real.
Because our real self IS in fact a different one
than the person who society, religion, culture, family,
external environment in general
made of our real self..............................................................ChrV

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