Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Rainy days and bright sunshine
Can bring beauty to the sky
A wonderful rainbow appears
It's as though it's flying high
Crisp days and autumn leaves
Can bring joy to a season
The beauty is there to find
There should not be a reason
Spring days and freshly cut grass
Surround you everywhere you go
Picnics are a wonderful reminder
Of the enjoyment a season shows
Summer days and sultry nights
That you hope will never end
Will have to leave you for a while
Just like a long distance friend
Cold days and early dark nights
Need not leave you in despair
Each season brings its own joy
If you look, you'll find it there
Winter days, hats and scarves
Are a yearly reminder of the cold
But as we learn with the seasons
We realise we're blessed to grow old
© Donna Woods 2015

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