Saturday, June 1, 2019




Braided in the eter of this world,
in the dim image of meaninglesness.
I talk to the non-existents of the time.
With their souls,
my soul as a wounded bird
cries from the pain.
half-alive and half-dead,
connected with chains of the deities.
Lured by the paradise of the world of eternity.
I live in the deep loneliness.
The remaining robin of dreams without return!

I believe in my dreams...

I live with love.
I irradiate the whiteness of my soul.
I fly in the blue Sky.

I fight with myself.
Everywhere i appear the best of goodness.
Selfless self of this century
I cry and I laugh as a kid.

I love the life with verses of my inspiration.
I sleep and i wake with the seasons of the heart.
Fascinating from the radiation and multicolored brightness


Enchanted i sequence the seashore
by welcoming with the waves,
with the seagulls,with every bit of sand.

I smiled at the clouds drowsiness,
heaven belonged only to me
And delayed points of the rain.
Wet i went back home,
but happy,

blessed with the tears of deities.


...permanently we are on the inside journey.
We follow secrets paths.
We investigate our conscience...
Unremitting in research of the meanings.
Drunk from the ambrose of love
Fortunate residents of the Temple of Knowledge.
In love with the life!


MARJETA SHATRO RRAPAJ is from Albania. She was born in Gjirokastra. She has graduated from the University”Eqrem Cabej”for Albanian Language-Literature.Poetry has been an inseparable part of her life,a passion that would be crowned with many publications in different periodicals and literary magazines.She is the author of two poetry books:”In the sea of my eyes”and”Migration with Twilight”.She is affirmed in the path of poetry with artistic maturity.She has written the third book in prose:”Flickering of Seagulls”.She speaks 5foreign languages: French, English, Italian, Germain and Greek. Marjeta works as a Albanian Language Teacher and she lives in Saranda.

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