Saturday, July 1, 2023



No Borders We Are Human!


No borders

no walls

no fences

in the ways of this world

not even divisions and wars

on this crazy planet

in the deserts of bare earth

every place and every country.

We are human

we are not made of stone

behind every face

there is a part of you

there is a part of us

there is a part of me

there is a beating heart

and a life that screams peace.

In a faith that does not believe

men separated by love

they kill for power

so much innocent flesh

slaughtered by human violence

slain like lambs

he kills himself in the name of money

for the glory of dark evil.

©Copyright Francesco Favetta


In Those Songs



the sky is different

like in a shelter

in the heart.

Those verses


seeds are scattered

in words

and they fly.

They sing every day

the life

and the beauty

the world

and its wonders.

©Copyright Francesco Favetta


And I Think Of You


different from your song


and i can't forget

the voice of time

who travels eternally

within human beliefs

distant from the truth

and chained to fears.

Captain of life

always be stronger

of cruel fate

embark in your heart

the bravery

and the power of love

never forget the roots

the truths that don't die

in the hypocritical silences of the world.

©Copyright Francesco Favetta



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