Saturday, July 1, 2023





You've already warmed up

with a gentle look,

you woke me up with a smile

white primrose.


Why are you feeling cold?

instead of a floral dress

you assume uncertainty.


You absolve yourself

that it's not time yet

and you like to flirt

for you are a woman.



what's your name

spring, winter, early spring?


Let Your Knees Go Numb


I'm not looking at you Christ -

I walked the way of the cross closing the procession.

I die with your suffering.


Kneeling at the cross

I will sing evening songs

I will stay like this until you return in glory.


Then those who did not believe will cry -

in your words, prayer in Gethsemane,

The agony on the cross and that on the third day...


I Missed This Place


The silence was kind.

The chapel was full

spring light

and the smell of trees.


And yet this huge cross and You, Lord

reminded me of my ugliness.

Kneeling staring at you

I whispered - mea culpa Jesus.


Yet the silence was kind.

The Easter mood reminded

that in this glow of goodness

You were present -

yet the silence was kind.




JADWIGA BUJAK-PISAREK: She was born on May 22, 1957. in Świebodzice. Winner of many poetry competitions. Member of the "Witryna" Literary Association in Stalowa Wola. Member of the "Kwadrat" International Literary and Artistic Group in Krakow. Member of the Association of Polish Authors in Warsaw. Member of the "Poetic Conversation with God" Poetic Group. Warsaw. A member of the "Peron Literacki" poetic group A member of the "Poetic Phoenix Feather" Group Has published four volumes of poems: She is the co-author of six literary notebooks, twenty anthologies, including five international ones. Her poems are regularly published in the international monthly "OUR POETRY ARCHIVE ONLINE MONTHLY POETRY JOURNAL". Founder of the Non-affiliated Group of Poets "Saffo" at GBP in Zebrzydowice


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