Wednesday, May 1, 2024




Time Is A Curse


Time always play a game with me

It holds my heart and mind tightly

Struggling to move I can’t feel free


Time pushes me down when I try

To climb up of the hills of success

Making my efforts vain, throat dry


Time has never done me any good

It has given me pains and inflicted

Deep cuts to bleed since childhood


The Sound Of Tear Falling


The sound of tear falling

From the deep pools of the eyes

Makes the clouds cry in sadness

While pacing the blueness of the skies


The sound of tear falling

Makes the birds fly away afar

Above the stoic mountain chains

Their wings shinning in the sun’s glare


The sound of tear falling

From your beautiful eyes breaks

The silence in my heart and sadness

Flows like a river through its many cracks


The sound of tear falling

Can be heard from far and near

I gather the broken pieces of heart

Pain of separation I can’t no more bear


You Are The Flower


You are the flower in my heart

I groom you with the potion of love

You are the prayer in my lips

I have you as a blessing from above


You are like the rain in my life

That was lying dry since many years

You are the warmth of kindness

When in sadness I drop copious tears


You are the fresh flower I seek

To feel glad when my life seems dull

You are the music of the stream

I hear when in the morn I take a stroll




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