Wednesday, May 1, 2024



Wave And Shore


I am a wave.

 From far I come to you

 Swimming with desire.

 In wild curls I come,

 Riding with music,

 Travelling on sunbeams.


Within my hidden folds,

 I carry the thoughts of love.

 Wishing to rest on the shore.

 Lashing playfully, I come,

 Looping into a sensational hug!


But how sad, I can only embrace you,

 Just for a brief moment!

 Over our heads, seagulls wing.

 Around us soapy foams giggle.

 In wild ecstasy, I roar,

 Crashing my head on your breast.

 But I am made to drift away,

 Leaving nothing behind,

 But a stretch of dampened sand,

 Reminding that we have once met.


Can I ever hold you again?

 Wish I could once more,

 Rush into your arms.


Sometimes I feel, I am on an eternal journey.

 With desires unappeased,

 I continue traveling miles.

 Let us be a pair of seagulls,

 Flying in tandem, you forever,

 Staying close to me,

 With your wind under my wings!


An Ode To Music


Music, Oh mysterious sprite!

Lift us to the seamless realms of delight

Your ubiquitous presence we feel,

In the hum of crickets

In the silence of the stars

In the falling cataracts

In the running streams

You are there in the lone sea breakers,

And under the swift wings of the wind.


Come as subtle vibes to saturate our being,

Winding your way through every sinew

Enfold us in your rapturous hold,

Raising our souls to the magic of rhapsody

      Paint intangible pictures in silence,

Creating a sensation beyond the reach of words

Let our souls savor the taste of ecstasy,

Daubing myriad hues on all ugly stains

      Land us in the sequestered pools of oases,

As the blistering sands leave burns on our souls


Oh Music! Come and fill me.

Soak me from foot to crown,

Like a falling drizzle

Like a caressing soft wind

Like a marauding sensation

Drown me

In the subaqueous quietude of the sea

Levitating me through ether

And lifting me up onto the borders of heaven!




I stared into the mirror,

Wincing at my own reflection,

Through eyes fogged by cataract.

I saw a black tint spreading around my eyes,

And face like a wrinkled piece of linen.


Where is the bubbly girl of seventeen?

I ask myself.

How flamboyant and flaunting I was,

Now enveloped in silence.

Do anyone remember my younger version,

The chatterbox that tweeted endless?


Beneath the shell of this withering cortex,

I still have a heart young as ever,

Not yet shriveled, but succulent,

Full of love and warmth.

A sleeping guitar, capable of music,

If trained hands move over my taut strings.


So, don’t take me as a wretched hag,

And push me into a state of silent non-being,

Or throw me like the chip of a broken mirror,

Making me feel so inconsequential!




VALSA GEORGE is a retired professor from Kerala. After her successful career as a teacher, she took to poetry. She writes on a wide spectrum of topics spanning Nature, Love, Human relations et al. She has authored over 1500 poems in varied poetic forms which she regularly posts in international poetry websites, reputed journals, and literary publications. She has four anthologies in her name - Beats, Drop of a Feather, Rainbow Hues, and Entwining Shadows - the latter two available on One of her poems ‘A space Odyssey’ has been included in the CBSE syllabus (Rain Tree Course Book by Orient Black Swan) for the 8th grade students in India from the year 2018. Another poem ‘My Fractured Identity’ is prescribed for the undergraduate students (Voyagers) in Philippines


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