Wednesday, May 1, 2024



A Short Night’s Sleep


O, on the lap of the moon, again

Mind’s speeding across the oceans

Pitiful winds, spinning all night long

Damn it, the blizzard, repeatedly, invading

Juggling, a full-blown, o, damn it, combatting

Emerging, powering, gaining

Something, a story, becoming stories

The laughs and sadness,

The strangeness, meaningful understanding

Symphonic, healthier tune

Trough the meditation

Laughing and smiling, tears freezing

Spiritual enlightenment, all blessings

Warming balconies, allowing to sing

Essential love, cultivating, rejuvenating

Sustenance for longevity

A shinning pearl in daily life

Copyright.©2024 JC Bertrand




For a hearty buttery, so sweet

Like a strawberry, cheerful journey

A teapot filled with joyous smile

With a creamy gaze, lovable taste

From a classical butterfly

Using the art, shielding

Deeply under her wings

Colorful quality in the air, tremendous steps

Highlight, stunning elegance

One and only, so excitingly beautiful

It’s quite simple, ready to enjoy

Flavorful hugs, a rose at mirth, dear lily

All natural beauty, love and blessings

Copyright. ©2024 JC Bertrand


For A Long Time


Trough the current of life

Waves’ thickness ferociously

Disturbing, violent winds

In all shapes, no fly zone

Crushing eyes, heartfelt

And now missing daily dream of

Energy, the dream of dreams

Against cruelty and poverty

The crisis across the land

Such a pitiful wave

For a long human behavior

Inner ignorance, foolishness

Resulting into tears, near and far.

Copyright. ©2024 JC Bertrand




JEAN C BERTRAND: Jean C Bertrand is a Haitian Poet, writer, Playwright. Birth Place Port- Au- Prince Haiti. Born Dec - 05- 1961 Nationality Haitian. Founder Mystic Vision Poetry group, and Poetic Vision. International Higher Academic Council Of English Literature Noble Star For Literature 2018. World Most Motivational Writer Award Ambassador of World Institute for Peace. Haiti Branch, USA.


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