Monday, February 1, 2016


Anahit Arustamyan.


Clock! What do you measure? Are they a book's pages read or unread? Can a book remain on the same shelf? I have something to say to my own self. Nothing is stronger than your magic bell. I was born in a bird's nest. I was born in a seashell. I was born somewhere to hear my steps. Clock! You invent both stories and legends to tell. Clock! Your legs are longer than a mountain's neck. Clock! Your palms are wider than all writing desks. So many books have been left. Clock! How many pages have you read? My path is shorter than your fingernail. Can a book remain on the same shelf? Clock! I was born to hear your bell.


You were in your elegant suit in a restaurant to dance.There was wine and beer in that crowded place. You were waiting for me, sir. A magic carpet didn't take me there. The melodies were loud as the night was awake. Each bulb reminded of a candle flame. Your arms and the phantom's shoulders joined to dance. You expected Santa Claus to take me through the mountain range. However there was emptiness all over his silver sledge. Don't blame Santa Claus as he came! He didn't know I lived somewhere. You were waiting for me, sir. Don't blame Santa Claus or the magic carpet of the fairy tale! You were dancing with the phantom, sir. It was me flown over the boundaries without a body shape. Do tell me what promised the full moon night's glance!


Barefooted waterfall! You never get tired. The stones aren't nails to prick a giant. Barefooted waterfall! You are never silent. Have you danced your waltz with your lover? Your curly hair teases its color. Being down or up, you are a climber. Jump or even run faster and faster! You can't steal a minute from its time's fire. A minute or a butterfly is a mystic pilot. Something is hidden behind a cover. Something is hidden inside time's jumper. No stone has a tongue to give an answer. You run barefooted farther and farther.

Anahit Arustamyan.

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