Monday, February 1, 2016




No place to express my love
All are absurd, all are absurd
This world is not smiling anymore
Because of the sky is too dark
Even a ship i sale with no mast
It has been broken into pieces
While the waves are roaring
And the sea birds are singing
No body helps for the sailing
That is so far away
And struggling is the brothers of all
To whom i address my complaint
For no brothers and sisters in the lives
Even friends and relatives are not in side
No river can clean
No sky can give for a sheltering
Where should i burst out for crying
Only the longing of Radiant claims
To submit the mistakes
That should be handled to identified
If this life is full of meaning
No one is brave to steal
Because of its complexity
No misery can walk to ask for money
And everything would be suffice
That is the love in lives
Should have policy to solute anyway
For the futurity that must be
Let's think it for once or twice
For God's help that should be


Though i close my eyes
Your face is still in my mind
Because you have never hurt my feeling
Even if you call my name
Never i turn my heart away
Since my love is from heart to heart
It is so hard to expose
My love is obviously from the bottom of heart
No wind can blow my love
You should gaze from the angle of coming
And none of them would be a handicap to resist
As long as this world belongs to us
I don't mean as an enemy
I used to greet them whenever i go
Because my love is a pure love
I wished you could try
I would be ready to expose
How far my love there is to walk down the earth
Only Almighty,God knows
I swear by the name of Lord
That is the hope for the love i provide
You might come to fetch the real meaning of this
That you know how great love of mine be there
Which can't be sold wherever you like


My heart never be concealed
Since my childhood up to now
And then you are the only flower in my lives
Because of you...
My lives is prosperous with golden daffodils

That can't be picked up till to die
Where are you going?
Wherever you are i used to remember
For i never forgot even a single minute

If it is so what should i think?
No one forces me to think once or twice
Except when i leave for one place to another
But never be done like what you think

Obviously not be like what you think
Because of its honesty to say rather than to imagine
That be hoped for running the lives
Because love is everything for man's lives

Let me think for more and more than twice
My heart never be concealed
That the value of love applied for in daily lives
It never betrays those who are in love with
Because love is everything for man's lives


You are the flower of my lives
Never i throw it away from
Never i put it away from my soul
Since you are the fuel of heart
Wherever you go i always be with
Because of your smell
Because you are one of the among
It touches my feeling since i was a child
And it could not be separated from the lives
I am really in the love
Not because of your rich and i am the poor
But God makes my heart be in yours
That is the fact i dreamed
As long as my breath can sing a song of love
And nobody is in inside
I am really in the love to pick it up in my garden
That the daffodil i lay down on a dream
I am not a really wild insect flying in the night
Of enjoying the moon smiling
But i just fly on my own way to search for
It is a right for every fly to kiss
As long as this world belongs to us
That the real love be with from now and then


You may not come to our country with bomb
What is the aim of coming here?
We were born in the same clay
With no conflict from one with another
We were created in the same substance
With no different shape as human
As long as human, we are just the same
Though we are in different color,religion and culture
The sky and the earth never hate us
But they are protecting us from the rain and hunger
We are living equally without regarding
That you are the poor and the rich living on the earth
Our existence seems to lose

We have to rebuild the humanity, solidarity
We were not born for fighting
Self confidence for each other is the most important
Why should we create the bom
And terrorize the innocent creatures
We, then, ruin the earth and holy soul
Why should we struggle for killing each other
I don't mean we are ignorant to do so
Is it a kind of emotional without having thought?
It doesn't mean that we should hit the sun
And destroy the moon with no lighting to run the lives
We had better make this world bright
Instead of doing useless things to damage

It was the bloody war, to damage the world created
Since the war,religious,culture as cause for fighting
Why do we have a narrow minded
And not to open the chance of living to create the peace?
We should think and think the racism equally
Not to kill rather then to make this world be bloody shedding
How foolish we are to run the lives if we have no heart
Don't let ignorance teach us to the foolish things
Except when we are out of mind to do what we want
It would be unnecessary against the freedom
Suppose to be so as to vanish the wisdom
The racism should be above of all rather then to accuse
Is right for those irresponsible to learn what they learn?
Why should we use the guns and bombs to kill?
The power and wisdom are like vehicles to make the way out
Not to have the narrow minded to destroy
Is it possible for us to do so?

Where is the wisdom?
Where is the power of all?
Where is the equality to run the lives?
Where is the solidarity to normalize the existence?
Where is the low of the country to justify?
Is that the seed of love there planted in every heart of man?
What hope that should be dreamed for the future?
The existence of mankind seems to get lost
Why is it so?
What should be done to create the self confidence to build?
What should we really want in the lives?
Why don't we create this world to be golden daffodils?

We are as humans to run the existence on the earth
We might not have a fight to kill
Since this world is too much for us to run the lives
We might not ruin even a single dust , not belongs to a man
But this for us at all
And not to bring the guns and the bombs in our country
Because of its disaster corrupted the lives
Whereas the innocent children and others are victimized
No problem, where we are from
No matter who you are and why do you come here
Since we are brothers and sisters with no conflicts
Let us decorate this world that provided, not to ruin
Yes, or not, would be suffice to agree

Please get up to rebuild, get up to rebuild
Let us have the same support to create for humanity
Peace is needed to establish for all
Not to look down upon on one with another
Be sure of ourselves to do what we want to do
Let us do our duty for the sake of young generations
Try to bring the lighting into the nation
So that the God will be smiling forever
It is the right for us to create the PEACE
And to make this would be a peaceful country
Rather then to ruin, which brings negative to men
As long as we are human beings living in this world
Surely that the dream will be the fact for futurity
We hope so, we hope so, we hope so


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