Monday, February 1, 2016




hats off to the gentleman who makes me dream
that quiet beast who patiently lurks in the shadows
I am that timid, shy fawn; new to this world of passions
and you, the powerful, seething wolf burning with desire
my mind races at the thought of being devoured by you

delicate creature am I, unlearned in the ways of lust
I willfully step up presenting myself to your urges
you pace around me eyeing my lithe form, studying me
am I the innocent I appear to be or does this lamb have a secret
innocence burns with vivid fantasies of desirous dreams

perhaps my blood boils as my heart pounds and body quivers
would your beast be as bold against an equal in prowess
if my needs raged and burned through my feminine loins
we could be so explosive together combined as a single force
the perfect marrying of of hunter and prey, teacher and student

reveal me for who I truly am...a most passionate being.



in the mist of a fire storm
gasping and panting for breath
you look deep into my eyes
and simply say 'breathe'

our bodies riddled with sweat
muscles clamped holding tight
climax after climax
your only words 'breathe'

mind spinning and numb
skin tingling as senses heightened
body on the verge of convulsions
you whisper in my ear 'breathe'

laid totally to waste
every ounce of sanity gone
just the madness of passion's desire
the only thing left...'just breathe'...

"there will be dozens of people who will take your breath away...but the one who reminds you to breathe is to one you should keep..." ~unknown.



I am not afraid
the anticipation excites me
the thrill of the unknown
trusting you completely
I see by touch

I smell a fragrance
delicate and sweet
a rose
the feel of the pedals
running softly along my skin

you press something against my lips
a familiar odor, luscious and sweet
followed by your most passionate kiss
as we share the confection

loving kisses down my neck
gentle hands caressing
the aromas, the tastes, your touch
and those beautiful three words
my mind can see all this

this drape across my eyes, a gift
one of learning to see with my soul
feel with my heart
tasting the passions of life
as you take me to the next plateau...


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