Tuesday, March 1, 2016




If I steal cookie from the jar please forgive me.
If I twist the truth a little, please understand.
I'm young at heart and my mind roams free.
I'm merely a kindred spirit searching for purpose in life.
So if I ever disappoint ,
Forgive me I'm young .

Forgive I'm young , too young to know the seasons
Seasons when dresses adorn the beauty I wanna chase
Seasons for more than a cuddle as flames dance to the rhythm of love
Seasons without dragons so gentlemen wage war against drops of
heaven to win a fair maiden's kiss
But I know not the seasons for I wanna do it all at once
If i arouse love before it so desires will forgiveness have a room in this house?,
Because maybe I'm too young , too young to await my turn

If you won't forgive at least acknowledge that I'm young
Add poor to the list because at this age no wage can afford me to pay attention
Attention to the mistakes I made because I believed you would forgive.
I spoke out of turn,
hope my ego survives when people's tongues wage war
If I survive may be I'll understand
Understand not to steal what's not mine
Because my face is still too young to befriend an unforgiving fist

PS: forgive me I'm young

I'm running,
running till the feeling is gone
I pray my feet can carry me till I'm all alone
Don't know where i'm going but i surely know i'm falling
If the depths of this valley don't kill me i hope you hear me calling
No pebbles in my pocket to mark my path yet i keep on going
I'd leave the bread crumbs but i'm not sure what this vulture called life really wants
but why save the bread crumbs for the birds when they can save my tummy
I lost my way now I'm too far to turn back home

Home was safe but it never satisfied my desires,
So tell deliliah to lose the attire because tonight from my morals i'm about to retire
I'll be the captain and we'll sail through the waves of whiskey
If we get shipwrecked we'll swim through seas of brandy
To relate to what's real would be nice ,
but in this moment  i'm disillusioned by the lies i told
home is a place i know I should be ,
But at this rate i'm not gonna make it back
i lost my way , i lost the pebbles that would lead me home
my hearts wishes to apologise but what's sound when there's no ear to hear
i know i've made mistakes faking the stakes now there's onlyone life left to take
tie the rope to a tree and let me hang

If I hang,
Let me hang by my waist so i may climb back up like Joseph and claim my dream
If the rope is tight
Let it be tightly tied on a hope that lasts beyond time
I lost my way
I lost my pebbles that would lead me home
But where's home when you hit rock bottom
So let my rock bottom be the cornerstone of life

I'm trying to fight it but I know I can't win
I'm trying to hide it but I'm scared it's starting to show
I'd wish it a dream but I already know it's real
Too real to dismiss yet too complex to comprehend
Comprehend my life but tell not this tale
Tell the doctor i'm already  intoxicated ,
so hurry and cut it out
Coz I kinda need this mirage out of my head

If I'm tipsy it's coz I've been drugged
Overdosed on a charm so pure call it blue moon's kiss
Tell me it will wear off before my heart goes off
But if my heart was the target hear me speak
Speak the truth coz maybe I told a lie
It started in my head but now it's in my heart
Call it a cancer if you may because it makes me weak
Its out of my head and now it spreads to my whole

Its....it's not supposed to be out of my head now I know
Its too perfect to trade I'm glad I know
Priceless not because its timeless,
but indeed it makes my me pulseless
Picture perfect I'd make it my diamond locket if i could
So smile once more and let the cameras blink
Emotions out in the open but,
Out of my head your smile will never be.....

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