Tuesday, March 1, 2016




My love is like a rose
Whenever you like to pick
You might have the leaves
But not like the tree you dream
Since my love never fades away
Those to whom i provide
Not easy as you think
It never says to be blind
For the societies' understanding
Once could be laughing
To welcome your faithfulness
I use to kill my time to wait
Since my love is true
Never intends to be blackmailed
Be sure of me...
Never tells liar and fades away


Whenever my longing comes
I never forgot who you are
Though you were not in my dream
But you are a part of my blood

Really your love is mine
Never be inseparable form time to time
Because of you everything has been changed
Even a single cent never be spent
For the sake of you valuable love

From my born up to the death
Be sure of my last words without seducing
Without blackmailing....
You are really to give a lighting
As if the sun would provide lighting

It has been lightning from age to age
My longing is not like others'
It has been bright from the past now and then
Never to feel tired as long as my soul fades away


My love is like the river flows under the bridge
It never stops once again and again
Since it has no eyes to gaze
But i am the love, never be pessimistic
Once i dare say because love is blind sometimes
It is so hard to justify
Because no one keeps secret for love
Though the love is concealed in the lives
But that the fact be understandable
To predict whether the love is pure or not
Depends on the personality of the lovers
She, whom i love never be persuaded
Me, whom she loves never be betrayed
I dare say my love is like the river flows under the bridge
While i say it is true
When it touches my feeling so as to say so
Hoping the love will be growing up to die
Since she is the flower of river of my lives
I hope so, i hope so, i hope so


Remember me when i was a child
Since I was born
Never forgot who belonged to
While my breath is from Yours
I dare say so because of You
You are my lover
Never I forgot Your name
I wrote in my heart wherever i go
No one affects me for keeping up
As long as my breath is in Your air
Your love, Your earth for all of us
All creatures are smiling to accept
That's the fact in history
And the holy books pointed out
No one disobeyed
Before the death comes to fetch
Mean while the lives are running
From one point to start till the end
Except when the man opposed
That's the fact be written down
The manuscripts are singing to gaze
Until i become adult to think so
And the sky is the witnesses
To whom i pray except
When my heart is knocked at the door
The door of lives is in Your hand
That's the fact must not be delayed
Since the lives miles away before to sleep
Since the lives miles away before to sleep
That is urged :Remember, remember


Let not the weapons be active again
Let the people of country be happy
Let us be calm without conflict
Let the silence be in our place

Avoid using weapons but not to fight
The war should be ended without killing
Let peace be like a snowing mountain
It melted into the mind of humanity
While solidarity should be kept in mind
Let the sound of flowers beneath the hill be heard
So that civilians feel amazing

Let have a look and read the poem of peace
We should pray for the bitter lives
Let have a thought to think over and over to gain peace
Imagine how peace and love make silence

Different color, races,nation and country and belief as well
The equality would be lightning among without war
Avoid using guns, atomic bombs
Everywhere we are will be in silence
Happiness will be there from one place to another
Justice, freedom, humanity and peace create peace
All of us could share these for global lives
No worried for the peace if lightning be in heart

Let the nation from west to east know the peace
So all the men will hold it from heart to heart
Let the peace make our country free and land as well
Avoid hatred before miles to go away
Be sure the lives will be prosperous at the end
That's the real dream we put in hand


How can I delay my love
Mean while she is the fuel of heart
She never breaks her promise
While i call her name for love
Her love is like a red red rose
It is not hard to pick up
When she smiles at me
I never turn my face away from
Because she never betrays my love
I know that she is really in love
More than the large sea i see
It is as higher as a mountain
When she expresses her love to me
I never keep silent to accept
Except when she gets angry
But never she does in my lives
I am used to be patient
Any how her love is pure for me
She never feels complain to urge
She really says :
If my love was not in yours
This world seems like moonless night
Surely I agree for ever
I never feel objection to read her love
Though she is so far away from me
Never I miss her
She once told she would be ready to die
Otherwise her love will be rejected
But it is true what she said
Love is blind
Whenever she is in gloomy
She might reject my presence to love
I don't care
Because this world is not as large as a stage
Though this world is so wide
We are the players in it
I said once in the lives
Let them talk too much about us
But never to be cared for those as creatures
That is the story of love
I expose for a while
Never i tell this as long as my lives
But this time makes me so brave
To tell the love seems beautiful
I myself never have disagreement
What she said is true
For her poetic words are almost nice as a moon
Never i forget her in my lives and vise versa
Hopes the best for the next to love
And she is really woman in love


How can i say my love is like diamond
While you are not in touch with my skin
I used to remember you wherever you go
I wanna go alone for myself
Except when you are not allow me be there
Mean while i am still a single
Whom never be touched with a smile
But you just pass over in the sky
Who never gives you a hope then
Is it a mistake to say so?
It is my right to do so since you seem to be a dull
With no response...
Be sure of my self- confidence before i go to sleep
Before i go to sleep...
I say so because of my love never ends
It does not look like a rain bow
But it can be seen for a while whenever you like
That is a message that should be reminded


Let my night be moonless
As long as you might not touch my heart

Since you have cut my hope for love
The love i shared had been gone far away

Because your flight is so far from my side
Though your letter comes once in a while

But i do not care for once in my lives
While the past hope have gone with the wind

Never i said so before and then
Since you might be in my heart

But i used to remember wherever you are
Since you are a part of my blood

If it is so urged to once in lives
That is my verse demanded to acknowledge

Let's see how it sounds
But never be betrayed once in lives

That's the real love i dare say
Since from time to time should be accepted


How can i recover my wound

While the moon never be given to my hand

The moon smiling never comes to fetch me

Since solidarity is far away

What should i have to do?

For the sake of the world peace

If the world would not be in saved and sound

What should the man do?

Impossible to attract without solution

How far the world would be waiting?

Otherwise it does not come to ourselves

Be sure of solidarity as the queen of all

Mean while the world is for us all

Though it is as large as a stage

We are the players on it

Therefore, the poems are illustrated to paint it

Before the breath stops to travel in the air


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