Friday, April 1, 2016




The waves of thoughts coir my stress to a tangled web,
Silently I move with my feelings folded,,
The cool air between you and me slowly unburdens as tear traces,
As we miss the passionate days of cheerful braces,,...
Untimely rain pours its shower with a passionate wish,,
You drive me crazy as the time's sting move in its ring,
I could guess you , like me fumbling in expressing words of longing,
Now our silence speaks with heated air of passion,
Still mute with our emotions, we move ahead without expressions,
The chillness in our feelings may erupt like lava one day,
But things may turn another way, so speak your heart to me,
Let me hear ,the words very dear, that will give comfort to my ears,
I want you by my side so that i will share my stress and smile for my fear,
Start our love with rising sun rays ,let it burn like a fiery ball of wire,
Never our misunderstanding to hinder our feeling,
Lets give a second chance to our story, lets have a new beginning.


The examination hovers,
As the springs spreads a drowsy sheet of cold air for its lovers,
My tensions doubles,
To cover the entire course with blooming colours,...
Mummy’s nagging tales, papa’s rising expectations scourges,
Teacher’s never ending sample bunch creating troubles,
Mostly indoor stay causes a lot of irritations,
At times my anger raises a lot of quarrels,
Mummy and Daddy try hard to solve my problems,
My anger at times trigger quarrels,
Restrictions imposed on mobile, net ,TV, movies,
With a warning that my bright future lies buried,
The days seems weary,but hours run fast,
My courses are vary and varied ,needs for revision that I have to cast,
Attention is focused on my healthy stay,
Mummy restricted on my ice-cream and cold drinks treat,
Daddy’s preventive dose for viral n influenza adds retreat,
Exam days are nearby preparations are nearly in final stage,
Now I fear for my performance as principal and teachers expects my best,
Examination fever is making me nervous,not for me but for others,
Hope the fever will fade soon ,and this preparatory moment will be sweet memory to remember.


The luscious spring cool breeze embraced me with its ring,
The seductive trees sing the lovely hymn.,
The chirping birds hums with tune fine,
My heart flows with memories of thine,...
My limbs ushered with joyous ringe,
To hear your beep from the phone ring,
As you promised to return from official tour in time,
Every day chat vibrates my wings,
I wait eagerly for it,to hear the dear voice of mine,
Your leave added my joy more,,
Preparing many menus in one time,
Today is the due day ,so I dressed carefully to impress thine,
Hours seem long to pass time,
Waiting for your loving steps in the door way,
I rush out every time to feel your presence n smile,
The cool spring wind touches my veins,
To calm the my stresses n to relax in nature's rhyme,
Darkness engulfed the sky,now my love mix with anger about to burst out,
Then I heard the sound of your knock,
All my anger melted in flock,
I saw your smiling face with gifts in hand for my sake,
Today is our anniversary you didn't forget,
Your warm domain reflects your love,that,
you too wait eagerly for me to merge n celebrate the day.