Friday, April 1, 2016


Garcia Vera

The Things I Need
We laid in darkness
The night so calm
While we discussed
Our needs and wants
Into the night
A muffled cry
Behind closed doors
Without the light
And then the silence
Became loud roar
Into the streets
As daylight poured
I hit the floor
My heart fast beating
While, I rushed on
The clock was ticking

As I walked on
I came to see
A fiery mound
While ants
In maddening feat
Each one on mission
Like mine to keep
It lite a fire
Beneath my feet
And I ran on
To warriors drum
While my arms swung
In rhythmic hum
And I tapped on
A tap, tap, tap
That lingered on
For miles
It seemed
At last I came
To place so grand
It was my home

A huge ant mound
I worked long
Into the night
At last to rest
In cavern deep
It was a dream
From which I woke
I was so tired
I wanted sleep
But could ill afford
The time to keep
And day did fall
To darkest night
Again to start
Upon daylight
A vicious cycle
An end I see
The day I part
The company
Of things   I want
Not things I need
© Juanita Garcia Vera
All Rights Reserved   2015

To live, to love, to fear,
To cry in pain
To rejoice in happiness
To doubt in darkness
To believe, to die
This is to be human
How insignificant
I am
In the grand scheme
Of life
I am thankfully alive
In the moment to savor,
To love , to touch
My soul
That yearns for love
As a rose yearns for
The kiss of dew
Anxiously awaiting
The fog of morn
To clear

Silence is powerful
When the heart
Cannot speak
To express
All it feels
All that makes
All that unites us
As human
 A minute grain
Of dust
I am
Making its place
Eroding the stones
Of life
To live
In hearts
A sign I lived
And loved
A sign
I was
By God
A Greater Power
Than I
© Juanita Garcia Vera

My pen will have to wait
Until the words fall into place
Until the pain no longer
Fills the emptiness
Until all tears have
Parched my face
Until   my   soul 
Hangs dry
In the desert, 
Find me there
In the dead of night
In the scald of blazing day
Trying to find the light
Until the rain arrives
Silence will  be  there
Of the friends, I hold most dear
I will ask a short refrain
Keep me close, but let my cry
For without the tears
I fear
I will surely die
Pen my thoughts into a yarn
Pen my heart with blood
Pen my thoughts
With darkest   words
Pen my words with light
While I find the strength
And road
Hang my soul to dry

In Loving memory of my son Abel and all gone too soon

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