Friday, April 1, 2016




songbird sings another love song
someone's thinking about me again
I hear those whispers in the breezes
telling me there is longing in the winds
lyrics that tickle my imagination

songbird flutters in a happy melody
tunefully enchanting my soul
playfully teasing with names untold
only hints of who's love I hold
such a mischievous little bird indeed

I listen with my heart and hear with love
dreaming of who sends these tunes
a songbird sings only when commissioned
a deliverance of happy thoughts
played only for the ears of destiny

it is destiny that seeks our meeting one day
you know who you are and some day will I
until we meet I listen to the winds
dreaming of love lingering in the airs
and a little bird who sings to me of you...


cluttered mind
no semblance of order
muses converged
boundless passion
thoughts scattered

gentle breeze
setting ideas aloft
fluttering about my soul
joys and sorrows
lustful visions

madness of mind
music and lyrics
words that play heat
heart and head battle
pouring down desires

needs too many
satisfaction eludes
unfulfilled passions
so much left untapped
creativity explodes

words flow as ink drips
out pour of emotions
burst of lust
tears of regrets
baring my soul on paper


by my command
by my will
at my urging
my insistence
at your consent

control is a game
I take it
your allowance gives
pleasuring you
my pleasure

your control
willing offered accepted
take me
instruct me
compel me

rest my mind
ease my soul
fire my passions
ignite my wanton desires
just a touch of your hand

that knowing gaze
in command
I melt
longing for the release

fulfillment at your indulgence
satiated satisfaction
heaven's bliss
control wins
there is nothing to loose...


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