Friday, April 1, 2016




How can i turn my love away
You have put the flowers on my soul
Since you are the breath of lives
I can not get rid of running away anymore
My childhood was in your tree once in blue moon
You are the root of my heart
Never be separated from its tree
That is the fact i know since
Many fellows told me the same verses
So as to keep in my mind
Never i forgot at all
How can i turn my love away
But you have kept the promise for marriage
My heart really touches the blue sky
Though it is so far away
My longing never fades away
Because you are the air of my breath
Never to be put off from the lives
The leaves sing a song for my love
Which never stops all days and nights
Can not be counted how happy they are
To gaze whom i love
To see how suffering of mine to gain the love
That i never stop to think over and over
Again it reminds my memory
Never be forgotten since the beginning
Before my soul be put in the silent land
I am used to remembering till to die, my dear



Let my night be moonless
As long as you might not touch my heart

Since you have cut my hope for love
The love i shared had been gone far away

Because your flight is so far from my side
Though your letter comes once in a while

But i do not care for once in my lives
While the past hope have gone with the wind

Never i said so before and then
Since you might be in my heart

But i used to remember wherever you are
Since you are a part of my blood

If it is so urged to once in lives
That is my verse demanded to acknowledge

Let's see how it sounds
But never be betrayed once in lives

That's the real love i dare say
Since from time to time should be accepted



The earth i walk on smiles
While i am in the love

The sun also gives lightning on it
Whereas i walk down the hill beneath the trees

On my journey before coming into the silent land
My love on the earth is portrayed

Up to die and never forgot since
I once in a while gaze from any angles

Since the man is the complex creature
My love towards the earth is complex

Because it the basis of the lives
Where all the creatures and the trees are in it

We might not throw it away from the hatred
No earth with no lives

How can i run the lives
Be impossible to live in without love

I am used to remembering since i was a child
Nothing to think except the earth

Because it provides hope to live
Though it seems silent with no speaking

The earth that i am in love
Be useful for all,and may not be destroyed

The damage of the earth is the enemy of all
It is a right for the mankind to survive on

If the earth be improved for the next
All the trees will be smiling

And the sea sings all days
And the air is blowing smoothly

With no hard rain to fall down
And the lake is calm

The lives of all will be in PEACE
That's what we hope for the next



My soul is now singing on you
My love is now in yours

But never you submitted the love
For my longing is crying on the sky

Whereas the love will not be sunk in the sea
Can i come across the humanity?

My spirit for the love never breaks
The lines of lives will be there always

But you forgot sometimes what i mean
Never you put in your mind

For a while i am used to remembering
As long as the daffodils are singing

While i am on the rocky island to wait
You are hardly disappeared

Where do you conceal ?
It is so difficult to gain

When the flower is mostly beautiful and dances
And i wait and wait...

Never i spend a single time to wait
Are you getting lost to search me?

Send me the name of flower to state
If i really be in saved

Because my love never breaks in a single minute
For my longing is really from years to years

That's be a note and a diary as a memory
Before going to come into the silent land


No fire can provide me lighting
Since this world is full of cruelty

Whereas the sea would dry to gaze
And the mountains will be broken into pieces

Who knows the lightning will be bright
None of them can resist

While this world will be smiling
If the humanity will be there to save the lives

Where is the justice?
Who will be potentially to responsible?

If not man himself would be
Supposed there will be

No beggars to ask mercy
With no the poor to ask money

And no murdering be spread as victims
Because the lives are in prosperously arranged

With no oppression be stood still
How to cover the sufferings

By means the governments be smart for justice
That the hope of all we see

Since the almighty God will see
What are being done properly

The value of lives be high as sky
Though the rain never falls down once in the earth

Only you and i estimate
what wrong and right be there to gaze

As long as the breath is singing
Until the lives is not in the silent land to say good bye



No win can blow up my hope
As long as this world is strong

If I am not inside no matter how it looks like
But the things i worry about is the sun

If its lighting has no bright
Because of humanity becomes less and less

That's the cruelty of the soul be spread
I hope the wind will be friendship

It will have touched my mind
For no damage there would be

If it is so then the lives would be saved and sound
Whereas the prosperous lives might be appeared

Therefore to be prayed all days
Efforts should be accompanied

So that no matter of all
How the value of soul be estimated

Which is so beautiful to make man alive
Only God knows what He knows for the sake of creatures

And we are only to accept what He likes or dislikes
Since everything is for the Creator

No wonder if this world is so wide to walk on
While the sky is bight for living

While the forests are for Him
Only the men are being living, who might not destroy

And no use to burn down
Let the mind be thoughtful to think over and over

That's the last hope to stand still
Before this world becomes into the dust

Caused by the anger of Radiant Claims
Let Him not banish to die till the lives will be saved


Paradise Lost

How can the sun give lightning
If the creatures are running to chase the sin
While this world is silent to listen
And God feels surprised, why?
He creates this world for the lives
But the men are mostly to do the sin
How can they enter the paradise ?
To be or not to be...
Depends on how God estimates
If none of them thinks twice
It would be useless for the lives
Because this life seems so fare
Is like a bubble blows up in the air
And it will be missing for a while
That's a great thought be kept in mind
If not, the lives will be lost forever
The lives is once in life
For the end is the death will be waiting
Sooner or later it will be an experience
For those living creatures are having soul
Believe or not...
That's your own right
But the message is valuable to keep in mind
Since His promise for men never fades away
That's the must expresses His voice
For those who have strong belief
If not this world will be frowning
And not smile even a single minute
Be sure of this ...
He never breaks promise
Let us think more and more
So as to secure the lives from the sin
To purify holy soul from the black list
And not to lose the paradise


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