Saturday, December 1, 2018




Up in the sky,
All my dreams fly,
Hoping that one day
You will come and say:
Your love is my life's way.

Between the flowers,
On the butterfly wings,
My dreams fly,
Waiting for your lovely kiss.

On the clouds wings,
My dreams fly,
Hand in hand,
With your heart,
Singing the song
Of a beautiful love.

Between the waves
My dreams navigate
Same as an old ship
Who searches the lighthouse
In love's deep.

Up in the sky
All my dreams fly,
Searching  you,
The man whose heart
Is beating only for
love which is true.


When the sun rises its majesty
Another day start
Thousands of thoughts
Remember only you.
When the Moon takes her throne
In the universe of night
And the stars bright the lovers sky
I remember you.
The rivers, the mountains, the plains, the flowers
All things around me
Remember only you.
The wind still whisper in my ears your voice
The walls wrote yours words.
Every step of us has it's history.
The history of every moment of love.
Our wonderful love.

Even the life, sometime,
Steal our happiness,
The heart will never lost
The treasure of her love..
Maybe, you said the same words
To another woman.

No matter the time that will pass,
No matter how many stars will rise down,
People, forever,
Will dream the same dream
Of the unique true love.


I am looking at the world,
Around my soul,
And i find myself so alone.
I am lonely.
But you’re still in my heart.
Your love, may be dead,
But mine, forever, will be alive.
You are so far, but still in my heart.
No distance can’t steal you from my soul.
No silence can break my love.
I don't care if you love me or not.
I don't want to be with you anymore,
Because you are not you,
The man which I really love.
But even If I dislike it,
I know that my love will have no end,
Because you are in my heart.
"I don't want to be with you!".
My mind said.
But my heart, the foolish one,
Still loves you.
So, I say goodbye
Even if my love will never die...

(Poem for those who lost someone near to their heart).

People sometimes go.
When it's their time... we never know.
Don't cry my friend,
Because Heaven is their end.
Look at the stars and smile.
They are between them from a while.

Don't cry my friend!
Now is their time.
In one day will be your.
This story for all will come.
People never die,
Even they are up in the sky,
They live with us here.
They are always near.
In our hearts they deeply stay.
Always this is the way.

Don't cry my friend!
This is from God.
The life is wonderful,
Even when you think is hard
Because memories never die.
Be better, so that people know
That you'll be in the sky
When you too... will go...


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