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I do not know                     the ways of Life
from birth been shown      violence and strife
a mothers embrace      was I rarely shown
childhood affection      have I not known

At age of three      from family outcast
neglect and hazards      uncertainty my past
from even those      who attempted to care
I was prevented      from being their share

Been a difficult road      since I was a child
to comprehend nature      that’s tender and mild
the one who with joy      greets you each day
who shows you life’s wonders      in every way

Been a slave      to the mean and the cruel
where retaliation      is an everyday tool
looking for punishment      and never for peace
from your mistakes      are never released

What surprises most      in the places I’ve dwelt
those who use truth      like a leather belt
the book is addressed      to you and your brother
decisions for life      made by you not another

I place before you this day      life and death
unceasing wonders      or that which takes your breath
but you are the only      one who can choose
to love your brother      the ways of death lose

From men expect      duplications of past
where religions are formed      his desires unmask
if you use men as       your standard of measure
only one man      had its fullness of treasure

There is only one standard      only one true
the fullness of Love      you must learn to do
I am the you      addressed in the book
I am the one      for its meanings must look

I must apply      its sayings to me
set the example      in everyway be
those who needed his comfort      for whom he cared
demonstrated a love      no others had dared

Mankind as a book          one he only could read
see his intentions    and what was his need
knew how to lift them     water the seed
to develop his justice         eliminate greed

It’s difficult for man      to learn how to wait
takes time to learn love       get rid of hate
even in this       my frustrations well known
I want it all instantly       the lessons unshown

I know it’s me      you’re trying to teach
I know it’s me      you’re trying to reach
I’m difficult stubborn         from men shut my ears
from cruel reverberations         one everyday hears

It  takes time to digest     where thoughts run deep
to assimilate its message      its directions keep
apply every learning      with consummate skill
where all of its quality      our hearts do fill

So again I do share     a small reflection
considerations of Life       to good its subjection
one hopes the aim      for the target to mark
can be no achievement      without standards to hark
COPYRIGHT © 2012 C Michael Miller
Via Duboff Law Group LLC


Oh sing yon violin upon your strings
and play harps and lutes melodious things
come sooth my soul and for our losses
and shatter pain upon our bed of mosses

Dost thou dare to stay our hearts entwined
do cast your light and airy within our mind
so also to our agony do make us blind
where in time we shall life kinder find

Do misdirect my thoughts upon a fairer course
lead me now away from paths remorse
fail not to impart joy and from its source
and to the courts whats odious I do divorce

and there expire bitterness and mans afflictions
unto the burial sites with their benedictions
the ends of tribulations on the morrow
as I have some aspersion to this sorrow

Come twist your ropes do wrap in harmony
the golden strand in archetypes that be
fluid in the cups elixir we do drink
to shelter from woe and misery we sink

Clasp the inner man intone your song
return to us the living among our throng
embrace the consolation and hold whats dear
for upon us all this place draws ever near
COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC


I am dressed in Scarlet , upon my head a crown
parade myself like royalty        in an embroidered gown
but my insides are hollow     am emptiness within
my bones are dry and broken          in my leathered skin

I proclaim my virtue                   but I wear disguise
clothed myself with rainbows     to cover all the lies
with flattery I bait you               lead you to my bed
but I carry poison               which will make you dead

My movements are graceful     lead you to my door
smoothly enticing         I have done this              many times before
I coil myself around you             a tightening embrace
my ropes are entrapment          until you are debased

Millennia’s of practice         my roles to take you in
I prey upon your weakness                   the foolishness of Men
dress myself in beauty       upon my face a smile
every desire targeted                           till I you beguile

I will take your money         but aim to take your dreams
will keep your mind distracted           off more exalted things
the inexperienced one captive       I hold his members tight
he only thinks of pleasures                             not of wrong or right

Avowed is my profession       I know the one I serve
my profits world famous                  exceeded the learning curve
I walk the streets openly          every lust is my delight
its ideology pervasive     billboarded like an invite

The small and great have entered    my merchandise is wealth
polluted mind and body      its promiscuity as health
I’ve teased every desire              anticipated with bated breath
hidden traps in darkness      my intent is death

I have dominated mankind             for countless century
bent him to his hubris        and stroked his vanity
methods that are devious             I lead him with deceit
against my machinations                    his fortress is incomplete

My reigns have controlled man         a saddle on his back
barely more than animals                         for the sentience they lack
minds meant to soar like galaxies     but I have cast them down
undermined his intelligence                  stolen his rightful crown

I lead him to a mirror          his reflection is all he sees
but I am not transparent                when I bring him to his knees
highly am I exalted         Mans religion is my game
philosophy controls his heart         and what he wants is fame

Those who know the truth                   avoid me on the street
understand that I am fatal         once ingested means defeat
be aware of your opponent               and every trap that’s laid
if you have not comprehension                  Your life the price that’s paid
Ezekiel 23 Proverbs 6:20-35 & Proverbs 7
Rev 17- 18 & 21:8

COPYRIGHT © 2011 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC


Etesian blew softly in tonight rustling the bushes
and the vine . Oh gentle wind who has made it's
dance among the painted leaves. Shafts of Light
broke through the canopy the voices upon the
breeze have reached mine ears . Many a garden
have been dressed as you with the visages and
wonders of such delights where the breeze has
kissed the ruby roses and I have caught their
fragrances and notes. The Nightingale has cried
"The wine upon your lips has seized your heart
in reveries of days lost to your youth where age
hastens to darken their memories , where bright-
ness is lost in hazy outlines. Sing to me my Darling
of your heart and love . Of the one whose memory
will never fade and retires with you every night.
Our garden in the wilderness , oh paradise , who
beckons me upon your call where every feast is
Love within your borders. Oh husband with the
Golden mind we've supped on Love whose source
Divine. Beside me walk the Gardens path where
gently we can talk and laugh. My heart beats for
you alone and with your love has found it's home."
My fingers are laced with the mornings dew the
mists have risen to meet the Light with the passing
of the Night. I will drink deeply of this wine and
make it ageless against the onslaught of Time. I
can keep your place here within and without your
beaming presence. Of memories that never sleep
but keep ablaze of Songs forever sung to those
who would listen and spice has infused all her
notes and it's fragrances have permeated all
within her reach . Oh teacher who has lit the
Stars and circles heaven with it's crown of Light
to diffuse the Night. Seize my heart and make
it yours whose song has thrilled my thoughts ,
whose carriages leads me to place divine your
Name upon my lips with praise . You have drawn
me forth from fortresses into a well watered
Garden of Delight and seized my Nights with
Daylight. The Chariots of Light keep their
circuits and my immersion upon the ardor
of their choruses which have embraced my
C Michael Miller


Who is he who skips the mountains crest
and in the forest takes his play
who wanders flowering meadows blest
and paints her majestic peaks by day

Who roars like a bear emerging from his den
rises from the sun rays shadow
and walks within the misty glen

He casts his pigment panegyric to adorn
to the art of beauty has his soul he’s sworn

Plaited music to the rising hills
and lack of virtue does lament
insinuates the want of justice
in images our minds can print

He bubbles forth like fountains
which escapes the rocky cleft
one cannot ignore his passing's
without him our cores bereft

Thought frightening his acquired skills
he’s hidden his gems within
so blinding is his casing
the breadth of imagination there begin

Who is he who opens his hands
to show the colors of his world
whose arms are the strength of captains
where the banners lay unfurled

So casts his umbra like a rainbows wake
through the veil of his heart does life partake

And madden hearts of maidens
blazed the trails of his quest
in rich diversity is he laden
what is his name , have you guessed

Some have named him legend
and to his core he’s prime
he’s entertained the multitudes
deep is the well of captured mind

I put forth the question
where can his like be found
his grace upon inspection
and in it’s wax be drown

The edges of his borders
are not yet mapped and plain
for he has concealed traits
he has buried deep within

He seems not to understand
the skills he’s left untapped
another side that’s left alone
within it’s fear is capped

So in my words I’ve framed him
a lesser picture of his soul
I counted him among the men
where women's hearts have been made whole
COPYRIGHT © 2010 C. Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC


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