Saturday, December 1, 2018




My abandoned gate
where carelessly frisked my youth,
behind the bare ribs of spring,
behind the windows, where day wet eyes,
amidst the rosy dreams,
I sit and kiss your threshold.

Push the handle with love.
Pain on your body cracked,
waterfall of memories cover you with gold.
New gates look enviably at you.
because no one kisses their threshold,
nostalgically, as I do now.


I am sitting with the gods
to plasmolyze new man ...
Feeling of feminine fullness
melts in its own temperature.
Body and soul
erupt as volcanoes.
In its ember

everything is redeemed-
Traps, unfaithfulness

all cease and
the embryo gains life,
with the flaring constellations.
Fields are open far beyond,
land, sea and sky are for you,
I’m signing the last deed,
owner of the world you are,
O man,

that were born now!


Do you think something has changed?

The change is in the air that we breathe

shoulder weighing pressure;

afraid of the invisible

Suffering and Confusion.

Nature keeps breathing

like the cold November winds

that drives dry, deadly leaves

through the silly ways of meaninglessness.

I get meaning

From what I see around

From a loud noise I hear

among the crowds

on the streets of the city that

is hidden in the peripheral bubbles

by the storm approaching.

My voice is very small

to cut the dispute

of scary human hearts,

however, I have to try

speaking the truth with love

for the sake of peace.

Though silent, we are not blind

for almost 60 years I have seen and learned in life

You whisper

Tell the children, grandchildren

who you are and what you do, taught them

how to act and treat people,

to protect yourself

from anger, judgment and punishment

Because we have the responsibility

for children, the elderly

for those who are unable to help themselves

Because we have the responsibility

for friends and enemies of all colors

for the friends and foes of every ethnicity and nationality

We have the responsibility

for the friends and foes of all faiths and unbelief

We have the responsibility

for democracy

the justice of freedom and equality for all.

We have the responsibility!

Blood shakes the bones and arteries

sacrificing the vital pulse

with rocky streams melted like a volcano.

You can imagine riots;

compression of large arteries by deviation

deviated in bolted lightning.

Events can clarify the darkness of expression

you can understand, until you meet the change ...


KOZETA ZAVALANI: She  was born in Korça - Albania, on March 8, 1958 and lives in Tirana. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tirana in 1982 and in 1985, specialized in journalism. She has worked in Albanian Public Television and now is Editor in Chief of the magazine "Season for Change" of the "Family and Media - Power for Change" association, which she leads. She has been part of several training courses in the literary, publicity, Human Rights and Leadership. Awards -"Ambassador for Peace"and "Women of the World - 2007” won "Special Award" for literary creativity with a high artistic level, bringing the value of outstanding and sustainable in the field of poetry. “Olympus Poetry Prize – “Demeter”, "Honorary Diploma of the 1 st Mediterranean Poetry Festival" and "Certificate of Merit", Larissa, Greece, 22-World Congress of Poets. Literary works: She was author in the volumes 1 and 2 of the book "Gra që më kanë frymëzuar" in Albanian and "Women who have inspired me” in English. In 2005 she published the volume "Halfworld" in English. In 2007 the volume "Gjysmëbota" in Albanian, as well as the bulletin "Human Rights". In 2010 was launched the volume of poetry "Migrator". In 2012 she published volume of poetry "Soul gate" translated into seven languages, English, Italian, Macedonian, Romanian, Turkish and Greek. In 2014 she published novel “Ankthi” and “ Frymemarrje Femerore”. In 2015 Poetry Book “Women” and in 2018 novel “90+”. Participating in many TV shows for the media of increasing women participation in political and social life.

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