Saturday, December 1, 2018




Winter is approaching and trees have snow covered icicles dripping from the pines
Children riding their sleds down hills, and making snow angels in the snow
laughter fills the air with role-playing snowballs tossing at one another
ice-skating on ponds doing a figure eight, winter is cold, but children feel great...
Hot chocolate hits the spot, warms the toes and feeling good
And scattered a many luster splinter
Broken young children on the wheels of winter
My first dance displayed in winter...


We pray a merry Christmas
made bright by Christmas cheer
hold our loved ones dear
With peace, hope, and gladness...
As Christmas draws near
It's not about gifts put under the tree
But of loved ones we see
and for all those that happen
To pass us on our way
We have a smile,  and wish them a merry Christmas day...


God's good grace shines upon my face
of goodwill, trust, and eternal embrace
Of loved ones to see when I enter the pearly gates
as time stands still, tears of strength shall dry
I rejoice, and will cry out
my heart is at peace, when I see God
His love is shone above, through the golden sky...


JENNIFER CROY: She is 54 years old and has been writing since the 7th grade and 4 years been on She loves to write inspired words of poetry to make people feel good about themselves. She lives in Brazil, Indiana and married. She  has her own book store on Facebook and wrote several poetry books on Croy's books click on page and and