Monday, August 1, 2016




The vast vistas of green so serene and pristine
Still invigorating are those kisses, walking hand in hand.
Those lovely mornings bright
the azure sky,floating lofty white clouds
Longing to tread those paths with you again
Captured in suspended moments until then remain....
The sun beaming golden yellow to the setting crimson
Silent melting of the meadow and the silhouette willow .
Dusk lays its  bosom for the night to feed
When my dream grapples for a hold on hope
Those sweet captured memories explode on my kaleidoscope
Dissolving into those moments
I lay wide awake
Breathing  in and out as if howling storms rising in the mountain.
Million stars twinkle in the sky
But only one to my fancy shines bright
For hours sat together finding the one every night
Silver dots so intricately woven unknowingly have interlaced our love
With every solitary passing night love growing fonder
With every gusty wind I inhale your musky odor
Hear your whisper in every rusting leaf.
But .....
Can you hear my heart beating in your chest?
Then come and gently put it back to rest.


Ever the mutable human priorities
The beginning , growing round the circle
The insatiable urge to excel fanfare
Mutate food , health and even beauty
Ceaseless efforts exaltations fed by covetous moron
Countless 'demigod' on unconscious mind mushroom
Surgeons , Beauticians and Gurus
Engrafting ,preaching art of living ,
End up creating automated 'Robots'
Pinnacles-new ,higher pinnacles
Teeming,impelling,aggregating segregating
Living long but want to be ageless everlasting.
Swanky  junky headless envanescent entities
Bodies inside dead bodies living and loving custom-made.


Not a single fake story to read
Not a single lie in my prayer
Silently I go to bed
My silence doesn't scare
Has your love finally left?
The one you carefully frame
May be its still there
Hiding underneath my pain
But not potent enough
To wake me up from sleep
Or in my dreams remain
There were nights in the past
Saw your face among the stars
Those longing gaze you didn't let last
Melting into the sky drifted  so far
Now only the moon I can see
Joyfully beaming at me
You stole my words
Not much left to say
Now gossips on the berserk
Mongers mouth at play
I love my peaceful sleep alone
Nothing now,can jerk my bone.

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