Monday, August 1, 2016



It’s raining it’s raining it’s raining,
releasing the unbearable atmosphere,
of heat and warm since many days,
troubling us all the times.
Weather has changed completely
from the scorching heat,
to the pleasant atmosphere.
The warm sickening loo,
has transformed into gentle breeze
swaying around with a cooling blow
changing the temperament of people.
These showers are God’s blessings
bestowed on us all,
in the form of raindrops
covering those parts of earth
which were burning day & night
due to the anger of sun.
But abruptly everything has changed
giving a sign of relief to all.

These Raindrops falling from the sky
incites happiness in me
My heart leaps with excitement,
thrills and adventures,
feels nostalgic about childhood,
the memories of my grandmother,
incites melancholy in my heart,
the days of simple adventures,
asking her to make paper boats,
to float in raining water,
being collected on the streets,
or sometimes at the backyard
of my village’s house.
But now since things are different,
with the passage of time and age,
no more time left for
such simple adventures
in a hectic professional schedule.
With the changing pace
now no more paper boats are seen
floating in the street’s water,
as the children of the present age
are busy with technical adventures.
Although it’s difficult to bring back
the sweet childhood days
but still I enjoy rains falling from the sky
from the window of my house
or from my professional dwelling.

Is kite flying?
Becoming a rare thing now,
As they are hardly seen,
in our technical-minded society.
There was a time when,
skies in the Oriental world,
use to be flooded with kites,
with different colours, shapes & sizes,
not only during particular festival,
but very often in winter season.
But now with the,
Advancement of technology,
resulting in new discoveries
& inventions,
of many electronic gadgets,
not sparing any time,
for natural and simple objects.
With the advent of internet,
the innocent minds,
are always engaged in it,
during day and night,
wasting their time and energy,
involving themselves in many,
illegal acts and treachery.
I wish they could go back,
to the world of simple
objects like kites.

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